Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano

Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano

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If you’ve recently been charged with a crime or accused of one, it’s important to begin your search of the Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano as quickly as possible. Are you looking for someone who can help represent you in the court of law? Maybe you’re anxious to start building your defense but you want to start with the consultation. Trying to find a group of experts with decades of legal experience? If so, Kent Starr and the team at Starr Law are ready to help you overcome your legal struggles and false allegations.

We live in an imperfect world, and that unfortunately includes accusations that destroy the lives of innocent people. Have you recently been accused of sexual assault? Perhaps there is an individual that is claiming you are guilty of indecency with a minor. Are they ready to take you to court over this matter? This is clearly a very serious situation. Unfortunately, many people mishandle it and end up paying the price later on.  

If you believe in your innocence strongly enough, you may feel like it doesn’t matter who you choose at your criminal defense lawyer. After all, the truth always shines through, right? Unfortunately, in the court of law, this is not always the case. From 1992 to 2013, nearly 100 Texans were falsely convicted and imprisoned. This isn’t something that anyone should have to go through. An innocent citizen who contributes to society should be walking the streets, going to work, and raising a family, not sitting behind bars.

Plano TX Defense Attorney

The legal system exists for a reason, and that is to keep criminals and wrongdoers away from civilians. However, this isn’t always what the outcome is. At times, we see completely innocent people waste decades of their lives sitting in a jail cell and thinking about what could have been. This outcome shouldn’t be experienced by someone who is trying to live the right way, and it’s exactly why we need lawyers like Kent Starr.

Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano

With decades of experience, Kent is widely considered to be one of the Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano experts in the city. You can count on him to attack your case and make sure you have a great defense. The prosecution is not going to play nicely, and you need a criminal defense attorney who won’t back down. With Kent and his team behind you, you’ll be able to succeed and find the solution to your legal trouble.

Not every lawyer you come across will be a Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Plano in the state. And very few of them will have the amount of experience and passion that Kent Starr has. Make sure you choose the best lawyer in Plano by hiring the Starr Law Firm to handle your next legal matter. It’s important to invest in quality defense that’s going to defend your name and rights until the very end. If you need some help, call us today at 214-982-1408 for a free estimate. We’re ready to start working on your case.

Plano, TX Fact

  • In 2017, WalletHub gave Plano the distinction as one of the 100 greenest cities in America.

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