Let Us Help with Your Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence revolves around:

  • Harassing someone with whom you have an intimate relationship regularly.
  • Posing a threat to someone in your home
  • A girlfriend or boyfriend accuses you of stalking them.
  • Being physically vulgar towards somebody close to you, like a relative.

Texas takes a critical look at domestic violence. You may not get the justice you deserve if you are not well represented. You require a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas, TX or Plano, TX, to represent your case if charged.

How much does a domestic violence attorney cost?

Most lawyers offer flexible payment plans, while others may agree to a no-wink, no-fees basis. However, in most cases, family violence lawyers charge between $3,500 and $20,000. Domestic violence may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor.

A felony attracts harsher penalties than those charged with misdemeanors. A defendant’s criminal history and the severity of the victim’s injuries will affect whether the case is viewed as a felony. Violence against a minor is an automatic felony. Some penalties for domestic violence are fines, community service, intervention programs, restraining orders, prison, and the elimination of parental rights.