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About Our Plano Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you want an attorney that will fight, hire Kent Starr, an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Plano, TX serving the entire North Texas area.

Kent boxed in the Golden Gloves, obtained his 1st degree black belt, and has fought in many full-contact tournaments during his college years. He was aggressive in the ring when he competed, and is aggressive in court for your freedom.

If he is trying your criminal case to a jury, he is not there to make friends with the district attorney; he was hired to fight for your case and innocence.

Kent Starr obtained his law degree from the University of Arkansas, where he was the president of the law school. During his years at law school, he clerked for the Supreme Court of Arkansas for Honorable Chief Justice Holt.

He was also accepted into the prestigious Magdalene College, Oxford, England where studied international law. In addition, he was accepted and clerked for Honorable Justice Austin for the Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation, Window Rock, Arizona.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Kent obtained his master of taxation from the University of Denver, Colorado, LLM in taxation. Mr. Starr began his legal career practicing taxation law in Denver, Colorado.

Kent Starr has represented numerous on various tax related matters and has appealed taxation issues before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and presented oral argument to the full court on an ERISA (“Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) case. He presented an oral argument before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kent has taken his technical law degree and utilized his analytical training to assist his clients in accusations of criminal violations. In fact Mr. Starr represented a person who killed another in Collin County, Texas and a grand jury indicted his client for negligent criminal homicide.

Mr. Starr would not accept a prison sentence for his client and after heated arguments with the district attorney, the State of Texas re-indicted his client and charged him with a more serious crime of manslaughter in an effort to intimidate him into convincing his client to accept a plea offer that would send his client to the Texas Department of Corrections prison. The only offer that was received from the district attorney was a penitentiary sentence.

Mr. Starr and his client admitted that the life of another was taken at the hands of his client; however, through Mr. Starr’s legal research he presented numerous cases in which his client should go free. The client was looking at up to 2 to 20 years for the manslaughter case and in fact the district attorney only offered a jail sentence to resolve the case. Regardless, the district attorney and the judge did not agree with Mr. Starr and the manslaughter case was tried to a jury in Collin County, Texas in 2008.

After a week-long jury trial, the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict. Many attorneys are too lazy and/or are not educated enough to present your case to a jury. There are a lot of attorneys that are not experienced in jury trials and/or have not had enough trial experience to properly present your case to a jury trial.

Many attorneys will attempt to persuade a client to accept a plea bargain that is not in the best interest of the client. However, if your attorney is not experienced and/or is not a zealous advocate, they will attempt to resolve your case so that they do not have to continue to represent you on your case.

Recently, Mr. Starr represented a client in Tarrant County District Court in which his client had stabbed another person in the back three times. Kent argued with the district attorney that his client was merely protecting himself but the district attorney did not agree. The only offer received from the district attorney was a 4 year prison sentence, even though his client had never had any criminal background. After numerous discussions with the district attorney, the offer remained the same, a prison sentence. Kent set the case for jury trial and the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was dismissed September 2012.

Kent Starr has represented many clients accused of Federal and state crimes throughout the State of Texas and Federal courts. If you and/or your loved one is accused of a crime, hire an attorney that is tough, aggressive and who is not afraid to take on the system.

Bail Bonds

In addition, Mr. Starr can post your bond as part of his legal representation and you will save money by having your attorney and bail bondsman being the same person. Why pay a bail bondsman, who will make you call in every day at 7:30 a.m. to report your whereabouts.