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Looking for a Bail Bond Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Plano TX ? Are you under suspicion for committing a crime? It may be the situation that you’re in jail and are waiting to post or to have a bond set. Courts impose a bond as a security to ensure that you will show up to court at a later date. This is to answer to any charges against you.

Bond will not be set until the following Monday, if an arrest is on the weekend. This is usually when a judge hears your case. Furthermore, with no representation, your bond is set unreasonably high. Bond is set depending on the nature of your case as well as your criminal history.

By combining bondsman and attorney services, attorney Kent Starr can get you out of jail more quickly and save you money in the process.

Combining services to get you out faster and save you money

As a Plano bail bond attorney and criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Starr knows how to navigate the court system to get you out of jail sooner and save you money. As a consequence of an arrest on the weekend, bond will not be set until Monday when court is in session.

Mr. Starr will take action to petition the court for a writ of habeas corpus to authorize your release. before the court is ready to hear your case. Furthermore, as an attorney, Mr. Starr is able to petition the court to lower the amount of your bail bond, saving you money and getting you out more quickly.

If you are unable to post the bail bond due to a lack of funds, Mr. Starr will act as your bondsman and pay your bond for you, charging a small fee for this service.


Bail bond attorney and criminal defense lawyer Kent Starr has 17 years of experience defending the rights of individuals accused of crimes in Plano and surrounding areas in Texas. Through his years of experience of aggressive representation, Mr. Starr has developed the skill and knowledge required to get people out of jail more quickly and for less money. You do not have to remain in police custody unnecessarily, and Mr. Starr will aggressively fight to secure your release.

Mr. Starr is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help secure your freedom.

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If you are currently in jail and is either waiting for a bond to be set or unable to pay a bond, call the law office of Starr and Associates today. Mr. Starr, aggressively advocates for the rights of the accused and has the experience and knowledge necessary to get you or your loved one out of jail.

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