What to Do If Authorities Contact You about a Child Sex Crime

Our nation goes extremely out-of-control and over-the-top when it comes to sex crimes against children. Yes, they are awful, heinous, sad, unfortunate, or whatever other term you want to call them when they do happen. But, the problem is authorities and the public judge you guilty without knowing any of the facts. A clever child […]

About the Ridiculous Punishments for Possessing Child Porn

Alright, alright. Let’s be honest: you’ve looked at legal adult pornography haven’t you? Nearly every person who’s walked the earth has, or would like to. That doesn’t make it okay, or a good thing. But, let’s just get real. However, if you cross the legal lines and look at child porn, the story changes dramatically. […]

Am I Eligible for Probation for Sexually Assaulting a Child?

When you got charged with sexual assault of a child in the past, you could get probation. But law has changed over the years, and especially because public opinion supports it. In Texas, we have two kinds of probation: Deferred – In this type of probation, you plead guilty and get put on probation. If […]

Is Sex with Your Cousin Illegal in Texas?

In many states, sex with your cousin is completely legal. In the South here, states generally have more rigid laws surrounding sexual intercourse between cousins. However, other states are much more lenient in this regard. Arizona and Illinois, for whatever reason, are two such states. If you’re really curious about what each of the 50 […]

Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child can Put You in Prison for Life

A child’s mere accusation of continuous sexual assault can put you in prison for 25 years minimum, and life at maximum. Without the possibility of parole. Forget about “innocent until proven guilty.” The district attorney thinks all people accused of child sex crimes are guilty. All that has to happen is a child, police officer, […]

What Should You Do if Falsely Accused of Child Molestation?

Let’s be clear: We do want true criminals brought to justice. But many times, the legal system has no intention of being fair. And sometimes, innocent Texans like you are falsely accused of child molestation. What should you do if this happens? Let’s Start with What You Shouldn’t Do The typical reaction is to know […]

An Overview of Texas Child Molestation Laws

The mere accusation – even if it is false – of child molestation immediately turns your life upside down. You can lose your job, family, and reputation in the blink of an eye. Then, it takes years to get it all back, if you ever do. You also may have to live with being a […]