Understanding Felony Injury to a Child: When SBI Becomes a Serious Legal Matter

Understanding Felony Injury to a Child: When SBI Becomes a Serious Legal Matter

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According to data from Child Protect, there are approximately 3.6 million child abuse cases in the U.S. each year. 

Furthermore, such cases result in the death of five children each day. To make matters worse, in addition to these children’s trauma and injuries, their likelihood of engaging in criminal behavior as an adult increases by 11 times.

Due to such outcomes, individuals accused of assaulting children are harshly treated by members of the community and the law. So, if you’re facing criminal charges related to child porn cases, sexual assault of a minor, and other sex-related crimes against juveniles, that may be the tip of the iceberg.

You may also be charged with Felony Injury to a Child and causing Serious Bodily Injury (SBI). As such, it’s essential to understand what they entail and begin preparing your criminal defense. 

Read on to understand more about Felony Injury to a Child and Serious Bodily Injury and how to get the best legal defense.

What Is Felony Injury to a Child?

A person commits felony child injury when they knowingly or recklessly harm a child, causing severe physical harm or death. Body harm, such as permanent disfigurement, the loss or impairment of a bodily function, or a significant danger of mortality, is considered a bodily injury, whereas SBI refers to severe physical harm.

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and endangerment are examples of felony injury to a child. It is crucial to remember that reckless behavior can still result in felony injury to a child charge, even if the harm was not purposeful.

Significant Bodily Injury (SBI) is a legal term for serious injuries that bring about a great deal of pain or suffering or carry a great deal of risk of death. It’s critical to distinguish between SBI and bodily injury because the former may have harsher legal consequences and punishments.

Legal Repercussions of a Child’s Criminal Injury with SBI

If you are found guilty of Criminal Injury to a Child with SBI, you may be subject to harsh penalties, such as incarceration, fines, probation, and sex offender registration. The particular punishments depend on the seriousness of the harm, the defendant’s criminal record, and other elements.

Also, a felony injury to a child with an SBI conviction may have lasting repercussions, such as making getting a job, a place to live, or other possibilities more challenging. It is essential to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to avoid these serious legal repercussions.

Defense Strategies

Depending on the nature of the incident, there are different defenses you can use to evade or reduce the punishment you’ll face. These include arguing that the injury was not deliberate, that it was not serious enough to qualify as SBI, or that the defendant was not to blame for the injuries are all possible defenses for Criminal Injury to a Child with SBI. 

Working with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is essential to create a strong defense plan and defending your rights.

What a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do to Assist

If you are accused of Felony Injury to a Child with SBI, a criminal defense lawyer can offer you advocacy, direction, and assistance. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can assist you by creating a strong defense plan, negotiating with prosecutors, defending your rights, and trying to get the best result for your case.

Why You Should Pick Starr Legal

It is one thing having a lawyer and another having an attorney you can count on. To begin with, you don’t want just any lawyer. You want one specializing in criminal defense with the requisite experience and track record.

This is exactly what you get with Starr Law, P.C. Criminal Defense. In addition, we have a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys ready to assist you.

Here are the top reasons you should choose Starr Law:

  • Experience: Starr Legal has defended individuals facing comparable charges for years, giving them the knowledge, talent, and expertise required to secure favorable outcomes.
  • Customized Support: Each Starr Law client enjoys individualized attention and support to ensure they get the finest possible legal counsel and assistance throughout the legal process.
  • Effective Negotiation: Our criminal defense team is adept at working with prosecutors to reach an amicable resolution that benefits its clients.
  • Aggressive Advocacy: Starr Law is dedicated to vigorously defending the rights and interests of its clients, fighting nonstop to obtain the finest outcomes.
  • Compassionate Representation: Our professionalism is accompanied by empathetic representation and support to their clients throughout the legal process because they know the obstacles and difficulties associated with facing criminal charges for Criminal Injury to a Child with SBI.
  • Track Record of Success: Starr Law has a strong history of success defending clients against felony allegations of Criminal Damage to a Child with SBI, obtaining favorable results for its clients through advocacy and tactical defense strategies.

Selecting the best criminal defense lawyer might significantly impact how your case turns out. Therefore, it is essential to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable and seasoned criminal defense attorney like those at Starr Law if you are being investigated for Criminal Injury to a Child with SBI.

Be Proactive in Your Criminal Defense

Any criminal charge concerning Injury to a Child and Serious Bodily Injury is a significant legal issue. Even before you get to court, the accusation alone will significantly impact your professional, personal, and social life. This may mean losing work and friends, and even renting a house will be challenging.

Therefore, take a proactive approach and begin your criminal defense early on. In this regard, the most important step is making the right choice in a criminal defense lawyer. They’ll guide you on how to conduct yourself and prepare your defense. This will involve collecting evidence, witness statements, and even securing expert witnesses. 

With Starr Law, P.C. Criminal Defense, you can be sure you’ll have the best legal representation, open communication, and a criminal defense attorney focused on your case. Reach out to us today for a free case evaluation. 

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