Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child Can Put You in Prison for Life

Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child Can Put You in Prison for Life

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A child’s mere accusation of continuous sexual assault can put you in prison for 25 years minimum, and life at maximum. Without the possibility of parole.

Forget about “innocent until proven guilty.” The district attorney thinks all people accused of child sex crimes are guilty.

Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child can Put You in Prison for Life

All that has to happen is a child, police officer, or upset spouse says you had repeated sexual contact with a child for greater than a 30-day period. While 25 years is the legally required minimum, the State of Texas will usually recommend at least 45 years. That’s practically a life sentence for most adults anyway.

So, if a child says you touched them inappropriately on day 1, and then did so again on day 31, you can be sitting in prison 45 years for that (true or not). A possible scenario could be helping your disabled child go to the bathroom. Because of a pending divorce, your upset spouse instructs their child to lie to police that you touched them inappropriately. Or the child misunderstands what’s happening, and their parent tricks them into believing they were molested.

Texas law does not allow judges or juries to recommend probation or parole. So you have to prove your innocence, or go to jail for decades, possibly life. You can also have these charges “stacked” on top of others.

In simple terms, there’s no “justice” in the “Texas criminal justice system” when it comes to child sex crimes.

It’s more like the Witch Hunts of the 1600s.

No joke there. Not an exaggeration. Today’s authorities have the same narrow-minded attitudes as the colonists of the 1600s.

You won’t be burned at the stake. But you could sit behind bars for the rest of your life.

Accused of Sex Crimes Against Children? Don’t Talk to the Authorities!

Remember, this is not a fair or objective process. The police and district attorney do not want to find the facts or the truth.

They want to put you in prison. When they put “sexual predators” in prison, that makes them look good. They keep their high-profile jobs. And the awesome benefits that go along with them. And they look great as potential candidates for higher positions of authority.

Appalling, but it’s the truth. So anything you tell them will be used against you in the court of law.

Even if they sound friendly, saying they “just want to hear your side of the story,” remember it’s all “bullshit!”

Don’t talk to them at all. You can’t possibly win. Instead, hire a criminal defense attorney.

But Be Careful which Criminal Defense Attorney You Hire!

Unfortunately, many attorneys are too weak or inexperienced and advise you to simply plead guilty.

Don’t do it.

Attorneys experienced in defending child sex crime cases, like Kent Starr, can defend you from hostile and corrupt authorities. You’ll get the fair legal outcome you deserve instead of a lifelong prison sentence.

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