Can You Get Arrested for Selling Drugs Online?

Can You Get Arrested for Selling Drugs Online?

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The internet makes it possible to buy and sell virtually anything online, and that includes illegal drugs. Some people may wonder, “Can you get arrested for selling drugs online?” Yes, you definitely can. If an activity is illegal in real life, it’s illegal online. 

Unfortunately, not everyone who is arrested for selling drugs online actually committed a crime. Often there is more to the story. If you’re being investigated or have already been charged, you may be unsure about what to do next. Your first step should be to take these charges seriously and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney

Three Myths About Selling Drugs Online

Myth #1: You can get away with anything on the “dark web.”

The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed with a special web browser. As such, the dark web has earned a reputation as a marketplace for buying and selling illegal drugs and downloading child pornography. When using the dark web, no one should be fooled by a false sense of anonymity. Law enforcement has a presence on the dark web, and they can and do catch those who break the law.

In 2020, a North Texas man pleaded guilty to federal drug charges after using dark web vendor accounts to sell cocaine and black tar heroin. The man received bitcoin payments from buyers and then used USPS to ship the drugs. His arrest proves that illegal drug sellers can’t hide behind the dark web and cryptocurrency.

Myth #2: You won’t get caught mailing drugs because the USPS can’t open packages.

If a person is selling drugs online, they’re probably going to mail them to the buyer. Some people mistakenly think that the USPS is a foolproof way to mail anything. However, the United States Postal Service can, in fact, open packages and envelopes under certain circumstances.

  • Suspicious mail” can be turned over to a Postal Inspector.
  • Unclaimed or abandoned “dead mail” can be opened for inspection.
  • Depending on the method of delivery, some mail can be opened to ensure that proper postage was paid.

Private shipping companies like UPS and FedEx also have policies regarding package inspection.

Myth #3: The penalties aren’t as harsh for selling drugs online.

A drug sale is a drug sale, whether it happens on the street corner or the internet. Anyone who is charged with selling drugs online faces the same penalties as selling drugs in person. 

The Penalties for Selling Drugs Online in Texas

Blurred shot of a faceless online drug dealer.

All state drug crimes are listed in the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Selling drugs online could result in several charges, including:

  • Manufacture Or Delivery 
  • Manufacture Or Delivery Of Controlled Substance Causing Death Or Serious Bodily Injury
  • Possession
  • Use Of Child In Commission Of Offense

While these are the same charges that an individual would face for selling drugs in person, using the internet to sell drugs adds a layer of complexity and could result in federal charges.

Selling Drugs Online in Texas Can Result in Federal Charges

Anyone who sells drugs online could wind up in federal court. Federal drug charges may be brought forth if the drugs were sold to someone in a different state or the USPS mail system was used to transport the drugs. The penalties for federal drug crimes are typically much harsher than state penalties. 

Is It Illegal to Sell Marijuana Online?

Marijuana laws are evolving, as many states have legalized recreational or “adult use” marijuana. However, at the end of 2021, both federal law and Texas law prohibit recreational marijuana. At this time, an individual could still face charges in Texas for buying and selling marijuana online.

Texas medical marijuana is subject to regulations. Patients should be aware of the state’s laws.    

Charged with Selling Drugs Online? Here’s What to Do Next

If you’ve been arrested for selling drugs online, you need to take action right away. An arrest happens after weeks or even months of investigative work. During that time, the prosecution has been busy building a case against you. You need someone to represent you and protect your legal rights.  

Don’t delay in contacting a federal drug crime lawyer, no matter how far-fetched these charges seem. A felony drug conviction can destroy your future and your reputation. Even a so-called “short” prison sentence is precious time away from your family, your friends, and your career. Individuals who have a felony drug conviction face difficulties renting a home and finding a job, and can be deported. 

Plano, TX Drug Crimes Attorney

Numerous attorneys in the area take on drug crime cases, but many are simply “plea attorneys.” They’ll tell you right off the bat that the best you can hope for is a reduced jail or prison sentence. If you hear this during your initial consultation, walk away. This attorney is not prepared to defend you in court, either because they are intimidated or just plain lazy. 

If you’ve been charged with selling drugs online, what you need is an attorney who is compassionate with you, yet tough with the prosecution. Attorney Kent Starr is a former Golden Gloves boxer who gave it his all in the ring. And now in the courtroom, he puts that same determination and drive into providing you with aggressive representation.   

Attorney Starr knows how important it is to hire the right legal counsel. That’s why he offers a free consultation to all prospective clients, where he’ll show you the case results for other clients who faced the same charges. This is all a matter of public record and Mr. Starr is more than happy to share this information so you can make an informed decision. 

In addition to being a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Starr is also a bail bond attorney. With just one call, you can get out of jail, start your legal representation, and save money. Mr. Starr is available 24/7 to secure your freedom.  

Take a look at Starr Law P.C. Google Reviews to learn what past clients have to say, then call 214-982-1408. 

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