What is Sexual Assault on a Child

What is Sexual Assault on a Child

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Have you recently found yourself searching online What is Sexual Assault on a Child because you have found yourself in some trouble with the law? If you are facing sexual charges, this should not be taken lightly. And you will need a team by your side that has the experience to defend you. Brought to you by Starr Law Firm, we are going to spotlight what is classified as sexual assault on a child. And why you can rely on us to help you.

Often, people do not understand what is a sexual assault on a child by law. Sexual crimes against a child can include many different forms of contact. From fondling to obscene phone calls or texts, masturbation, intercourse, oral or anal sex. And according to Texas law, a child is anyone younger than 17 years of age.   So, even if you thought someone was over the age of 17, that does not matter and you can face charges of sexual assault on a child.

Penalties of Sexual Assault of a Child

If you are convicted of sexual assault of a child, you are facing severe consequences. A conviction can carry a sentence up to 20 years. Registration on the sex offender list. And a fine up to $10,000. And when you have to register on the sex offender list, there are many consequences that come with that alone. It can influence future jobs, where you can live, who can live with you, and you must send an updated address and photo every year for people to see.

Therefore, if you have being accused, you do not want to face this alone. Because of this, you need the best team on your side to help you. At Starr Law Firm, we have the experience that can help you and we will stand by your side. This is your future and you want the best help possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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