What is Child Pornography?

What is Child Pornography?

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What is Child Pornography? Child Pornography is a term that many of us have heard. But may not understand the entirety of the term as seen by the law. Child pornography constitutes as a form of child sexual exploitation. Meaning if an individual has any visual depiction (images or videos) of a minor (people less than 18 years old) that they have created, distributed, plan to distribute, or self-possess, it is a federal offense. If accused of Child Pornography. These cases can be seen as very complicated and hard to fight. The only option a person has is to potentially fight false accusations. Because if convicted a person can face jail time. And a life-long ruined reputation.

Child Pornography Today

We are in the period of Child Pornography. Because it is now so incredibly accessible with the growing Web. With the click of a button. Child pornography can be viewed instantly online all across the “Dark Net” and many children are being exploited at new alarming rates. Because of this, there are investigators online constantly seeking out “online predators”. And trying to find the individuals creating this content.

The thing is, with the expansion of the Internet it has made it to where we as users are not always able to control what “pops up” on our computer when surfing the web. Pop-Ups are websites, online chat forums, or images that occur without us doing anything. And we can be falsely accused of viewing things on the web that we did not intend to do. In view of this, there may be individuals that are not intentionally viewing or possessing Child Pornography and being falsely accused.

Experienced Lawyers in Plano

During a time like this, you will need someone that can help you fight and bring justice to light. Kent Starr and his team understand what it takes when you’re trying to clear your name and legal difficulty. You are not alone and you will be able to trust our team in helping you to get your life and reputation back in order. Call 214-982-1408 for more information on what we can do to help assist your case.

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