What is a Federal Crime

What is a Federal Crime

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Often, many citizens do not know the laws or what even constitutes as a federal crime. The question we get the most is, What is a Federal Crime? In this blog post, we are going to highlight what federal crime is and the sentencing an individual can face. A federal crime is something you do not want to be dealing with. But if you find yourself in that predicament. You will need an attorney that can help defend your rights.

Federal Crime

When a crime is committed that violates United States federal laws. It is considered a federal offense or federal crime. There is an extensive list of federal crimes that range from murder to trespassing to rape. Most crimes committed start out as state crimes but are raised to federal crimes when certain factors are recognized.

Most sex crimes when there is aggravation becomes federal level due to the severity. Some of these federal sex crimes may include sexual assault, possession of child pornography, rape or sharing child pornography with others to varying degrees, aggravated sexual abuse, offenders with multiple offenses, exploitation of children in a sexual manner, human trafficking, abusing a minor sexually when children are purchased or sold for sexual purposes and other crimes. Also, when a person’s sexual crimes cross state lines, a person may face federal charges. 

The Sentencing of a Federal Crime

When an individual is charged with a federal crime, the sentencing and punishments can be much harsher. You are possibly facing long jail sentences. Longer probation periods and a longer period of time being on the sex offender registry, if not for life. Federal convictions also bring heftier fines that one must pay.

When facing a federal crime it should not be taken lightly. That is why when you are first contacted by any law enforcement and are being charged with a sex crime. It is critical that you obtain a sex crime attorney immediately. That has the experience to take charge of your defense. Because the decisions you make early on in your case can impact your future outcome.

Starr Law is the sex crime attorney you need. We have been defending sex crimes for over 20 years and understand the importance of your case. At Starr Law Firm, have a level of passion that is incomparable to other law firms. We have the knowledge to protect you and understand all the challenges you will be facing with your federal charges. You can learn more by calling us today at 214-982-1408 and our friendly staff members will assist you with all your questions.

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