Child Pornography Punishments Fort Worth TX

Child Pornography Punishments Fort Worth TX

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Are you currently facing some legal trouble for possessing child pornography? And now you are searching what Child Pornography Punishments Fort Worth TX that you could be facing? Brought to you by Starr Law, we are going to highlight in this blog post the punishments you are facing when charged with possession of child pornography.

First things first, when you are charged with a charge such as this one. The federal and state laws are looking to punish you extremely harsh. Which means that these charges should be taken very seriously. Below are the punishments you are facing when you are caught possessing child pornography.

Sentences for Possessing Child Pornography

Did you know that prosecutors can charge you with a crime that could get you up to 40 years in federal prison? Because of the way the law is written. Prosecutors will play dirty and allege and convict you of distributing child porn simply by possessing it. Even if that was not really the case. The prosecution only has one goal. And that is to put you behind bars no matter what. Are you currently dealing with other charges related to child pornography? If so, you can experience the following:

  • Producing child porn: statutory minimum of 15 years up to a max of 30 years in prison.
  • Transporting child porn: minimum of 5 years and up to 20 years in prison.
  • Receipt, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute or sell: 5-year statutory minimum.
  • If you have prior convictions, your sentence may get enhanced.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

As you can see, facing charges of child pornography is something that should be taken very seriously. You are going against people that only have one goal to put you behind bars. When you are facing these charges, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Look for one with a demonstrated track record of success. Make sure you ask them when you talk to them about cases they have won in the past.

Here at Starr Law, we have a prove track record of helping individuals just like you. If you are facing these charges we understand that this can be a difficult time. But we are here to help you. When you are needing the best lawyer to defend you rights. Starr Law is here for you. Make sure you give us a call today at (214)-982-1408. And see how we can help you today.

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