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What happens when you sexually assault a child in Texas

Are you wondering what happens when you sexually assault a child in Texas? Perhaps you have found yourself in some legal trouble. And now you are wondering what is going to happen next. Make no mistake about it. Our nation and Texas have no sympathy whatsoever for sexual crimes against children. That’s why there is absolutely no statute of limitations for those crimes at all.

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Commit a sexual crime against a child when you’re 20, and you can be punished with a fine and serious jail time when you’re 70. This applies to:

  • Sexual assault of a child
  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child
  • Indecency with a child
  • Continuous sexual assault of a child

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure’s article 12.01 states:

“(1) No limitation for

  • sexual assault under § 27.011(a)(2), or aggravated sexual assault of a child under §27.012(a)(1)(B)
  • continuous sexual abuse of a young child (§ 21.02)
  • indecency with a child (§ 21.11)”

What defines these different sexual crimes against children?

  1. Continuous sexual assault of a child is defined by 2 or more acts of sexual abuse of a child at least 30 days apart.
  2. “Aggravated” sexual assault of a child includes penetration of the victim’s sexual organ or anus by an object, penetration of their mouth by a sexual organ, and contact between the victim’s mouth and anyone else’s sexual organ or anus.
  3. “Super” aggravated sexual assault of a child means the victim is 5 years old or younger, faces attempts to cause death or serious bodily injury, or threatens death or serious bodily injury to any other person in the presence of the victim.
  4. Sexual assault of a child means the victim is 14-16 years old and experienced any of the conditions discussed as “aggravated sexual assault.”
  5. Indecency with a child by contact means you engage in sexual contact, or cause a child to engage in sexual contact with another person. You can also expose the child to any person’s anus or genitals or cause the child to expose their anus or genitals to anyone else. In this case, a “child” is someone under the age of 17, and you must be less than 3 years older than the child.

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