Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX

Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX

Finding a Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX is the first thing you need to do is you are facing allegations or charges. When the police charge you with any crime involving sexual assault in Texas, this is something that needs to be taken very seriously. These types of crimes have the harshest sentences and they come with large fines and penalties.

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Are you currently being accused of statutory rape but you do not know what it means? Statutory rape has consensual sexual intercourse with a person who is under the age of 17. The law says that a minor (anyone under the age of 17) cannot consent to sexual intercourse. So, even if it was consensual, you will get charged with a crime. And it does not matter if you thought the person was older than 17. You will still be charged with a criminal act.

If the police charge you with statutory rape in the state of Texas. It is important that you hire a lawyer immediately. You are facing serious punishments and you need to protect your rights. If you are looking for an experienced Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX, contact Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408 or visit our website at

What is Statutory Rape

In the state of Texas, sexual assault is a felony. That means you could be facing a sentence of 2-20 years in prison if you are found guilty. You can also face fines up to $10,000. The police charge someones with statutory rape when they have had sex with someone under the age of consent. The age of consent in 17 in Texas, so if a person is 17 or younger you will be charged. So, even if you are 20 years old and you have sexual intercourse with someone who is 17. You can be charged with statuary rape, even if it was consensual.

Romeo and Juliet Law

It is important to know that in the state of Texas, there is no “Romeo and Juliet” law. Also knows as the close-in-age exemption. Where you can have sex with someone under 17 provided you are no more than 3 years older. This “Romeo and Juliet” expedition only exists in some states because some states identify teenagers as anyone under the age of 21. They feel like they should not have to live with a sexual assault conviction because they had sex with another teenager. But, there is no exemption in the state of Texas, so even if two 16 years old who have had consensual sex with one another. But if a parent or teacher found out and told the police. They both can be charged.

If you are convicted of having sex with someone under 17, you are facing 2-20 years in prison. In Texas, this is known as “indecency with a child.”  It also means that you will spend the rest of your life as a registered sex offender even after prison. If the police have charged you with statutory rape, contact one of the best Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX such as Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408 or visit our website at

Protecting Your Rights

It is also important to know that you can’t claim that you thought the other person was of legal age. Even if the other person told you they were of legal age and even showed you a fake driver’s license, it does not matter. The police and the courts do not care about a defense of “They lied about their age.” The police will charge you with statutory rape if you older than the person with whom you have had sex. Even if they gave consent.

This is why you want to find the right lawyer that can help you. You want to choose a law team that is an expert in defending people accused of statutory rape. You do not want to hire a criminal defense attorney that specializes in traffic ticket cases. They will not have an understanding of the sex crimes laws and you will not get the best-desired outcome. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney that specializes in sex crimes. They have the knowledge and defense experience you need. Here at Starr Law Firm, we have protected the legal rights of many people just like you accused of this crime.

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Statutory rape is not some minor matter. If a court convicts you of a sexual assault crime in Texas, you need to take it very seriously. It means real troubles that will affect you (and even your family members) for the rest of your life. Do not waste any more time today. When you want the very best Statutory Rape Lawyer Fort Worth TX, contact, Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408, or visit our website at

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