Statutory Rape Lawyer Denton TX

Statutory Rape Lawyer Denton TX

Have you found yourself in some legal trouble? And you have now been searching for a Statutory Rape Lawyer Denton TX that can assist you? It can be difficult trying to find the best statutory rape lawyer and if you are to having too much success and you need assistance, let us know. At Starr Law Firm, we have the experts who are able to protect your rights and stand by your side through this difficult process.

Sexual assault is characterized as a suspect touching or penetrating someone else with a sexual organ without consent. This is a serious crime to be facing and if you are convicted you could be facing 2-20 years in jail, hefty fines, and having to register on the national sex offender registry. This can completely alter your life and is something that needs to be taken very seriously.

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Are you currently facing aggravated sexual assault charges? This crime has more consequences than a sexual assault charge. Especially, if you are being hit with allegations that involve drugs, alcohol, weapons, or abuse. When you are facing this charge you are facing life in jail and permanent sex offender registry.

Are you currently facing statutory rape allegations? Statutory rape is characterized as having consensual sexual intercourse with someone who is under the age of consent. The age of consent is anyone under the age of 17. It does not matter if you both consented, you will still be charged. It also does not matter if you thought the person was over the age of 17, you will still be charged. The state of Texas takes these sorts of charges and violations very seriously. So you can expect a long uphill battle in court.

Consequences of Statutory Rape Conviction

When you are convicted of statutory rape, you will have to register on the sex offender registry. And registering as a sex offender in Texas is a very stressful process that can affect the rest of your life. When you have to register on the list, there will be strict constraints on many things in your life. You will be constrained on where you can and cannot live. You will not have the ability to live near schools, parks, or churches. And you will not be able to own any firearms. And if you have children, you will not be able to live with them.

So not only will you be charged with 2-20 years in jail. Possibly pay a $10,00 fine. And deal with the consequences that are encompassed with the sex offense registry. You will also lose family and friends that will distance themselves from you. Here at Starr Law, we understand that false allegations are a part of life. In the event that you have been falsely accused of a crime, contact a lawyer. The faster you counsel with an expert, the faster you can start building a strong defense so you do not have to face any of these consequences.

Defending Your Rights

Do you believe that you are being falsely accused so you are thinking about defending yourself? While you may be thinking that the truth will come out and you will be free, this is generally not the outcome that people receive. Prosecutors and officers will stop at nothing to put you behind bars. They will put you through intense interrogations and investigations to paint you in a negative light. This process can be extremely difficult to handle, which is why you will not be able to handle the prosecution on your own.

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Kent Starr of Starr Law Firm, has more than twenty years of experience defending people just like you. And he knows precisely how to build strong defense cases for every single case that he has. If you are trying to shield yourself against these allegations, finding the best lawyer is necessary. Kent and his group at the Starr Law Firm never withdraw from the arraignment. We can develop a solid case to support you to enable you to accomplish a positive result.

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Our Statutory Rape Lawyer Denton TX professionals are the best if you are attempting to protect your rights. We know that is it critical to connect with a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. And it is important to remember that is never past the point where it is possible to battle back. Call us today at 214-982-1408 so you can make the most of your free initial consultation. We have a rep available who can audit your case and circumstance so you can start assembling your case.

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