Statutory Rape Lawyer Dallas TX

Statutory Rape Lawyer Dallas TX

Are you facing some legal trouble? And now you are in need of a Statutory Rape Lawyer Dallas TX? Maybe you have been recently accused of statutory rape. And despite your innocence or guilt, it is essential to contact a professional law team immediately. If you have found yourself in need of a statutory rape lawyer. Starr Law Firm might have the capacity to enable you to achieve the outcome you need to move forward in life.

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Date rape allegations are always increasing in the state of Texas. The legal framework identifies this offense as forced sexual intercourse with an accomplice or companion. And this can become aggravated sexual assault if there were violence or drugs involved with the sexual offense.

False allegations can emerge at almost any time and when they do, you need to be prepared to fight for your name and future. Maybe you believe that the accuser is pressing charges against you out of spite. Because you recently ended the relationship. Whatever the case may be, this is something that is very serious and you cannot handle this alone. That is why our team of professionals can help you.

These allegations are very serious and could ruin your life. You are facing jail time, steep fines, and being forced to register on the national sex offender registry. Which comes along with its own slew of consequences. It is imperative to prepare to fight in court. It does not matter if you believe that you are innocent, you will need to ensure your rights no matter what. This is the reason having a Statutory Rape Lawyer Dallas TX professionals on your side is critical.

Statutory Rape Allegations

Are you currently facing statutory rape allegations, but you do not know why? Statutory Rape is characterized by the law as taking part in a sexual act with someone who is 17 years and younger. The law considers anyone under the age of 17 not old enough to be able to consent to have sexual intercourse. It does not matter if you thought the person was over 18 years of age. You will have a long fight in court because the law has zero tolerance for this.

Prosecutors and police officers are coming down harder on these type of allegations. You may be thinking that you are innocent and these allegations are false. But the prosecutors, officers, and the general public are going to view things differently. Maybe your legal case has drawn some attention and you are being harassed by the public. This can add more stress to an already stressful time. This is why you need a team of professionals lawyers that can deliver a focused defense case for you. Starr Law Firm is not reluctant to take your case to the highest level of our if needed. We are the team that can deliver a strong defense case. And give you the best chance at receiving the outcome you want to receive.

Protect Your Rights

Prosecutors and police officers will stop at nothing to prove that you are guilty. It is their number one goal. These prosecutors know the intricate details of the law exceptionally well. That is why you need a defense team that knows the law regarding sex crimes. You do not want to hire a criminal defense attorney that has only worked on DUI cases. They will not have the same knowledge and experience as a criminal defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes. Kent Starr at Starr Law Firm has the knowledge and experience you need to reach your desired outcome. You will be able to confide in our experts to enable you to safeguard your name and word in the official courtroom.

As stated above, prosecutors and officers will stop at nothing to put all the blame on you. This means that they will put you through forceful investigations and cross-examinations. Prosecutors and cops will remain determined to pressure you into saying what they need to hear. They will even reach out to family and friends to paint you in a negative light. It is important to remember that they are not on your side, they only want to put you behind bars. Which is why you do not need to feel like you are battling this war alone. We are ready to assist you with this battle at Star Law Firm.

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Finding a Statutory Rape Lawyer Dallas TX when you are charged or arrested is unimaginably imperative. Time is of the essence when you have charges, and you need the correct group behind you. Kent Starr and our partners are here to meet with you over a free consultation. And learn what assistance you are needing.  Call us today at (214)- 982-1408 so we can begin constructing your case!

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