Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX

Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX

Are you currently looking for a Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX to help you work through accusations and allegations you are facing? Perhaps you have been recently accused of sexually offending someone and you need some help. Often, when people are in this situation they do not know what to do. And the first thing you need to do s get ahold of our professionals to help you. Starr Law Firm is ready to fight to help you through this rather difficult time.

Sexually offending someone is an incredibly serious offense that can carry tough penalties. If someone is proven guilty of sexually engaging someone without their consent. They can face years in prison, hefty fines, and registering on the national sex offender registry. While this is an unfortunate crime that happens in society, you do have the right to defend yourself if you are accused.

National Sex Offender Registry

False accusations can really take a toll on anyone. And even if you do not face time behind bars. Your life will still be turned upside down. When you have to register on the national sex offender registry you will be limited to the area you can live (you cannot live near a school, church, etc). If you have children you will not be able to live with your children under the age of 18. Every year you will have to send in an updated picture of yourself and home address. And finding employment will be tougher. Having to register on the sex offender list also has the power to hurt relationships, friendships, and everything you once had.

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Aggravated sexual assault is an even harsher and more violent form of this crime. This is defined as sexually assaulting a person while inflicting or threatening injury. Also, the unknown administration of a drug to a victim can also lead to this charge. Aggravated sexual assault carries a tougher penalty. A person could face up to 99 years in prison if they are convicted. As you can see, the law system does not take sexual crimes lightly. And they lead to tough penalties. Which is why you will need an expert law team right away.

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Another reason you might be looking for a Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX  is that you are facing rape charges which are a sexual offense.

Rape is defined as having sexual relations with someone who is too young to consent or did not consent to have sex. If you are facing charges of rape, you will need a criminal defense attorney on your side. You need someone that can help you defend your rights and prepare you if your case goes to trial. The good news is that Kent Starr and his team at Starr Law Firm are the best sexual offender attorneys in the Fort Worth area. They never back down from a case and will be there for you.

When you have a Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX like Kent Starr on your side, you will feel hope again. Are you currently facing an indecent exposure charge? These can be very tough accusations and even tougher to prove your innocence. A lot of time, people face these charges because of a simple mistake or misunderstanding with someone else. You could be sunbathing in your own backyard or patio and someone could say you are indecent. Then you have to deal with a lengthy legal process just because someone did not understand you were sunbathing on your property.

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Every single sexual offense case is different and unique. This is one of the many reasons you need an attorney on your side that has experience and knowledge of the law system. As we have seen, dealing with charges like these are incredibly serious. And it can paramount that you get a lawyer that has the experience of dealing with sexual crimes. You do not want a lawyer who handles speeding tickets to be incharge of building your case for rape or another sexual offense. They may be the cheaper route, but they will not have a full understanding of the laws associated with sexual offenses. Consult with our lawyers today to see if we can help you fight your pending charges and allegations.  

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We also believe that finding defense early on in the process will give you a chance at receiving the outcome you want. Prosecutors will stop at nothing to find ways to put you in jail and will intimidate you into confessing. That is why it is important to have an attorney early on. Our lawyers will review the details of your case and make plans accordingly with you involved every step of the way.

The earlier you speak to a Sexual Offender Attorney Fort Worth TX. The better chances you will have. Do not let pending accusations, investigations, or arrests go untreated for too long. Speak to our professional law team and you’ll have the information and guidance you need to overcome your struggles. Call us at (214) 982-1408 for your free initial consultation. Once we speak to you and get an idea of what your specific situation is, we can work hard to begin building a strong defense.

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