Sexual Assault Lawyer Irving TX

Sexual Assault Lawyer Irving TX

When you are needing a Sexual Assault Lawyer Irving TX. This can be a scary and difficult time for anyone. Nobody ever thinks that they will go to jail for a sexual assault charge. But it does happen and the last mistake you want to make is hiring a lawyer that does not have the experience that is required in your case. If you are dealing with a sexual assault charge, you are dealing with a very sensitive case. Because of this, you deserve to have someone who has extensive experience with situations like this. That person will be able to let you know what to expect and give you insight throughout the entire process. After all, does it really make sense to hire a lawyer that only handles DUI cases?

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People want experienced professionals anytime they are facing trouble with the law. And that is exactly what you receive by hiring Kent Starr. With over 20 years of experience working as a Sexual Assault Lawyer Irving TX. You can trust his work. He cares about each and every single client that crosses our firm’s path, and he’ll always give the case his best shot. Some lawyers do not take the time to explain to their clients the charges they are facing, why they are facing them, and the outcome they could be facing. But Kent will ensure that you have the backup you need to understand your situation and make it out to see the other side.

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You never know if your case will end up in court during the investigation. But you need to prepare and have a plan in case your case does go to court. Some cases require going to the supreme court level to get it taken care of. Do not let that scare you in fighting for your freedom. Some people may think they are going to end up in jail no matter what. And that is it time to just give in. But Kent Starr understands that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And he will not hesitate to fight for you on the highest level. He’s been going to trial and working for local clients like you for decades.

Sexual Assault Charges are Serious

Cases such as sexual assault and rape are extremely sensitive. And it is important that you treat them as such. These types of crimes and allegations carry a lot of weight in our societies, and it makes complete sense. There are unfortunately perpetrators who commit these acts. But if you are an innocent citizen, your perception could change overnight. Friends or family may not want to be around you simply because of an accusation. Even though you are innocent.

Keep in mind that Texas does not take these types of sex crimes lightly. Many judges are quick to harshly punish you if you are found guilty of crimes like these. And you could be facing decades behind bar, family and friends lost, and potential jobs. Your life is essentially tarnished from that point moving forward.

Consequences of Sexual Assault Crimes

And nobody wants this outcome, but its negative results do not stop there. Besides having to serve time behind bars. You will also have to enter a nationwide sex registry that’s available to the public. You will not have the right to live too close to certain establishments (schools, daycares, and more). Even getting the job of your dreams or receiving admission to your next college will be different. Many institutions and companies will not even consider applicants with charges like these on their record. Everything you have dreamed of or worked for will be gone in an instance.

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And probably the worst outcome to many besides jail time is your reputation and standing amongst the people you love the most will change. Nobody wants to be seen as a monster which is what many people are labeled as when accused of sexual assault. This can be absolutely devastating for some, especially if they are completely innocent of the crime. Because of this, it’s important to find a legal team that can support you through this and makes sure you stay okay. With the Star Law Firm in Irving TX, we will be able to help defend your innocence. So, that you do not spend time behind bars and are not seen as a monster.

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At Star Law Firm, Kent and his team understand how stressful this process can be. It can truly tear families, friendships, and entire lives apart if not handled correctly. Your patience and willpower will be tested to extreme levels. However, the Starr Law Firm will be there for you every step of the way. We handle the legal matters so put you at ease. Nobody should have to go through this alone. You need and deserve a team who can support you and take the reins of your case. So, if you are looking for the best Sexual Assault Lawyer Irving TX then Kent Starr and his legal team are here on your side. Give us a call today at 214-982-1408. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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