Sexual Abuse Lawyer Dallas TX

Sexual Abuse Lawyer Dallas TX

Are you currently in some legal trouble? And you are now needing to hire a sexual abuse lawyer Dallas TX to help you through this difficult time? Maybe you are currently under arrest or investigation for a sex crime that you did not commit. If this sounds like you and you are looking for a way out. Our professionals can help you. Brought to you by Starr Law Firm, discover more about Kent Starr and how Starr Law Firm can offer solutions to your legal matters.

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Are you facing accusations of sexual abuse? The Texas Penal Code defines this is a person using their sexual organ to penetrate another person unwillingly while using force and making threats. Suspects, in this case, can receive anywhere from two to twenty years of imprisonment. In addition to this, you may have to pay fines that can go up to ten thousand dollars.

Aggravated sexual assault is an incredibly serious offense that should not be taken lightly. If you are someone who is being accused of sexually assaulting a victim while using drugs or weapons against them, matters only get worse. Even if this is your first time being convicted or charged, if you are deemed guilty, you might face years in prison. It is not unheard of for certain individuals to receive 99 years of imprisonment for these types of offenses.

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Is this your first time facing charges of sexual abuse? Perhaps your investigation is about to begin and you do not know what to do. Or what you can expect. One of the first things you need to do is minimize the amount of contact you have with the opposing side. If you have not already consulted with a criminal defense attorney, be careful of what you share with these people. The prosecutors have one goal in mind. And that is to put you in jail no matter what. Because of this, they will try to twist your words and paint you in a negative light once the court battles begin.

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Many people believe that when they are innocent they have nothing to worry about. Because “the truth will always come out”. But that is farther from the truth. Prosecutors and investigators will stop at nothing to get you to say what they want to hear. That way, they can strengthen their case and do what they set out to accomplish. Keep in mind that their goal throughout this entire process is putting you behind bars and making an example out of your situation.

Because of this, speaking to a criminal defense attorney in Irving, Texas as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do. The right sex crimes lawyer will coach you and help you navigate this tough process. He or she should have strong experience in handling cases that are similar to yours. That way, you know that you are dealing with someone who can help you reach a favorable outcome. The last thing you want is to hire a lawyer that only works on DUI cases. They will not have the experience and knowledge that a sex crimes lawyer will have. The faster you call a professional, the sooner you can get the assistance and defense you are going to need.

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When you are facing allegations of sexual abuse, it can be tough to figure out the right person to go to. As a result, you can trust in the professionals here at Starr Law Firm. With over twenty years of experience, Kent Starr is ready to help you fight your case in court. We understand that the prosecution can be very aggressive with their methods. At the Starr Law Firm, we never back down from a prosecuting challenge. Our team will never hesitate to take your case to court and defend your rights.

Did you know that one of the biggest consequences of being convicted of sexual abuse is having to register on the sex offender registry? If you are forced to register on this list, you will be placed in an online database with other convicts. As a result, living in certain areas, working in specific places, owning a firearm, and other typical rights will be much more difficult. This is an outcome that nobody wants to face.

Perhaps the most severe consequence of conviction of that your reputation will be tarnished forever. The state of Texas is under a lot of pressure from the government to punish charges like these very harshly. In addition to that, if your case ends up becoming public, society may be quick to judge you. Which means you will have a higher chance of facing the backlash from the community. And losing family and friends that are close to you. If you are innocent, this is surely not something you want to deal with.

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In today’s society, there truly is no safe haven for people who are convicted of crimes like these. Even if you are sent in for imprisonment, many correctional facilities are known for how they treat these types of offenders. This is something that you should not have to face.

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When you need a sexual abuse lawyer Dallas TX, do not hesitate to contact us here at Starr Law Firm. Our lawyers and attorneys understand just how serious these allegations are. No Texan should have to go through this legal nightmare, but we are here to help if it ever comes to that. Call us at 214-982-1408 or visit for more information on our services.

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