Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas

Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas


Trying to find the right Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas services for your specific situation? Perhaps you are about to embark on a fight against some serious allegations and you need defense attorneys. If so, Starr Law Firm is here to help you during this tough time. Picking the right lawyers for your case is very important, but we can help. Contact our staff at 214-982-1408 Now!


Sexual assault is an incredibly serious offense, and it is one that Texas punishes harshly. The penal code defines this as contacting or penetrating a person with a sex organ without consent. If someone is underage, under the influence of a drug, or even an employee of a place they work at, consent is invalid.

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Statutory rape is another accusation or charge you might be facing. Have you been accused of sexually engaging someone under 17? Even if force or violence was not involved, because of the age, they legally don’t have the right to consent. As a result, getting in a situation like this can land you in a lot of trouble.


Sex crimes against children are taking extremely seriously in the court of law. If you have been accused of inappropriately touching a minor, you could be facing an uphill battle. Nearly all of these types of offenses can potentially put you behind bars for at least 20 years. If it is an aggravated assault that involves injury or the potential for death, a life sentence is possible. In addition to this, you might also be facing tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines. Email our firm at today.


Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney To Reach the Best Possible Outcome


Even though you might be someone who is considering representing yourself, this is something lawyers highly recommend against. The legal system can be very trying, and prosecutors and police officers are very aggressive. Their approach is to coerce you into saying what they want to hear. The goal they have is to convict you of your charges and allegations and send you to prison. This is where our experts can help.


At Starr Law Firm, you can count on our lawyers to fight hard on your behalf. Led by Kent Starr, we have over 20 years of experience fighting cases like these. We understand how a prosecutor might work to interrogate you. Kent Starr will fight hard to make sure your legal rights stay intact throughout this entire process.


In addition to offering Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas defense, we can also help you with other charges. Have you been arrested for the possession of a controlled substance and you don’t know what to do? Perhaps someone in your household is accusing you of domestic violence and you’re beginning to panic. Whatever the case may be, know that Kent Starr and the Starr Law Firm can help you through it. As soon as you call us, we can review your specific situation and start building an aggressive defense.


Self-representation is something that some Texans have considered in the past. Maybe you have been considering representing yourself for quite some time. Many people believe that as long as they stick by their word, the truth will come out on its own. However, this is simply not the case when dealing with prosecutors. Unless you’re a legal professional, you may not be aware of the challenges you’re going to face with the prosecution.


Our Lawyers Can Help You Fight Your Pending Charges


Every single word you say can be used against you, which is why it is important to get a lawyer as soon as possible. If you have been contacted by prosecutors or policemen about investigations, you may be worried. If you’re currently in this position and you don’t know what to do, get an attorney by your side. Investigations are all about finding evidence that will paint you in a guilty light, and they may conduct interviews. Before speaking about the case to anyone else, consult with a professional.


We understand that legal fees can make this stressful process even worse for local clients. That is why Starr Law Firm offers flexible payment plans that make the upfront pricing easier to handle. No one should have to go without a Plano criminal defense attorney due to finances. Make sure you defend your rights properly by calling our attorneys when you need help.

Top Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas

Sex Crimes Attorney For Plano Texas

Crimes that are sexual in nature can be very sensitive cases for lawyers to work on. Not only are they tough for all parties, but they can have severe consequences on your image. The general public looks down on people who are even accused of acts like these. Many times, people will cast judgment before the trial even begins and without any evidence.


Don’t let your reputation become tarnished by the hands of false accusations. If you’re trying to make sure your case gets handled in the most professional manner, call Kent Starr now at 214-982-1408. We understand the sensitivity of these types of issues. If you believe you have been falsely accused, our team will work with you to preserve your rights and reputation.


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If you have been accused of a something that calls for a Sex Crimes Lawyer Plano Texas attorney, call immediately. Getting in touch with a professional like Kent Starr can help you get a head-start on this difficult process. We offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients. To make sure you don’t go down the wrong path, talk to our experts. That way, you can get the best possible assistance for your unique situation.

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