Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX

Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX

Hiring a Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX is an essential step if you are being charged with a sex crime. You need someone that has experience defending against sex crimes. And if you are tried, charged, and convicted of any sexual crime, you could face jail time and face serious punishments that could change your life forever. Sex crime charges are something to take very seriously because even if you think they are easy to fight, you will need a Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX. Who has the best experience defending sex crimes charges to better protect your rights.

What Does Sex Offenses Entail?

Society and policymakers have strived to protect the public from sex offenders. A sex offender is a person who has been convicted of a sex offense, but what are the different sex crimes you can be convicted of?

Sex Offenses Include

1. Sexual conduct with a minor

2. Sexual assault

3. Sexual assault of a spouse

4. Molestation of a child

5. Sexual abuse of a child

6. Lewd and lascivious acts

7. Indecent exposure

8. Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution

9. Sexual exploitation of a minor

10. Incest

11. Kidnapping, aggravated assault, murder, and burglary when there is a sexual motive

12. Failure to register as a sex offender

13. Violation if sex offender rules

If you are being convicted of any of these sex offenses, it is very important that you hire a Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX immediately. Because your life will be completely changed if you are convicted of any sex crime and you need someone on your side fighting to protect your innocence.

Questions You Can Ask Your Sex Crimes Lawyer Dallas TX

Being charged with a sex crime can be a difficult time for you. And you are confused by the laws and terms that are surrounding your charges. Which is why a lawyer can be so helpful to you. They will be able to explain your charges, the laws, and the possible outcomes you could be facing. Because you don’t understand the laws it is important to have a list of questions to ask a Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX when you are inquiring information about them and their services.


1. How long have you practiced criminal law? This question should not be overlooked. It’s a good way to determine whether the lawyer has worked on many cases, instead of a few. If they have worked on many cases then you know they have the experience you need to help protect your rights.

2. How often do your cases go to trial? Many criminal defense lawyers will try to settle their cases via plea bargains and avoid going to trial. But most sex crimes tend to be more complicated and often end of up going to trial. So, if that is the case with your charges, you want a lawyer who is experienced and skilled with both plea bargains and trial work.

3. Do you have a specialized area of law? Because sex offenses can lead to serious charges you want a lawyer that specializes in sex crimes. They better understand the laws and find ways to better protect you.

4. How much is this going to cost? Like anything else you spend money on you need to know the cost. When hiring a criminal defense attorney you need to have a full understanding of the fees and the services you will be getting. Being charged with a sex crime and needing a lawyer is a cost you do not want to “skimp” on, but you also want to make sure you are still getting value in the service.

Questions Continued-

5. How would you handle my case? This allows you to see how Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX would potentially handle your case. And you would be able to get insight possibly on whether or not your case can be settled without a trial.

6. What do you think will be the outcome of my case? You want to understand the consequences you may face if you are convicted to better prepare yourself.

7. What will you need from me? You are trying to beat charges that could change your life forever. So, you want to make sure that your lawyer has everything they need from you to best protect you.

8. How long do you think my case will take? Some lawyers may be able to quote you a time so you can better prepare.

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney

Starr Law is your Sex Crime Attorney Denton TX that is here to defend you if you have been charged with a sexual offense. We have been handling sex cases for over 20 years and will aggressively protect your rights. Don’t waste any more time today wondering what is going to happen with your case. Get the information, knowledge, and protection you need by giving us a call today at (214) 982-1408. And learn how we can help you protect your rights and give you a better future.

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