Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX

Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX

Dedicated, skilled, and experienced Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX is what you are looking for if you are being charged with a sex crime. Being charged with a sex crime can be a scary time for you because you are not sure of what is going to happen to your future. There is this stigma that when charged with a sex crime you will be convicted and then your life is ruined. Don’t worry, that is not the case with Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX. We will help protect your rights. So you do not need to worry about what could happen to your future.

What is a Federal Crime and the Consequences?

When you commit any crime that violates United States federal laws, it is a federal offense. There is an extensive list of federal crimes that your Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX, can go over with you. Most crimes start out as state crimes. But rise to federal crimes when there are certain factors. And most sex crimes when aggravated become federal level due to the severity. Some of these federal sex crimes may include-

  1. Sexual assault
  2. Possession of child pornography
  3. Rape 
  4. Sharing child pornography with others
  5. Aggravated sexual abuse
  6. Offenders with multiple offenses
  7. Exploitation of children in a sexual manner
  8. Human trafficking
  9. Abusing a minor sexually
  10. Purchasing or selling children 

When an individual is charged with a federal crime, the sentencing and punishments can be much harsher. Because of this, you are looking at facing longer jail sentences, longer probation periods, and a longer period of time being registered on the sex offender registry, if not for life. However, federal convictions also bring heftier fines that one must pay.

Being charged with a federal crime should not be taken lightly. That is why when you are first contacted by any law enforcement, it is critical that you obtain a sex crime attorney immediately. That has the experience to take charge of your defense. Because the decisions you make early on in your case can impact your future outcome.

National Sex Registration

If you are convicted of a federal sex crime, you will face jail time. And once you have completed your prison sentence, you must comply with the sex offender registration at a national level. This national sex offender registration is available to the public and can be seen online. You will have to give your name, the address of residence, a headshot picture and descriptions of all sexually committed offenses you were convicted of. Anyone with access to the internet who knows the website is able to see the registry. And find offenders in his or her local community.

When convicted of a federal crime you could be on the registration for life, constantly needing to update your information every year. Being on the sex offender registration may limit and restrict housing, job searches, interaction with certain people, and areas that you can in. This often includes restrictions related to proximity to schools, parks, housing communities, some public entertainment areas, victims, and even your own children. Because of this, if you are convicted of a sex crime you will not be allowed to be around children under 18. And this includes your own children that you will lose access to.

Other Punishments for Sex Crimes

When convicted of a federal sex crime, there may be other punishments you have to adhere to upon your release. Because of this, you may have to attend a federal medical center as part of the conditions of your release. Also, mandatory visits to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility are required by some release terms to ensure that you are adhering to getting help. The Federal Bureau of Prisons Facility is set up to treat the terminally ill, mentally ill and sexual offenders. Those that must attend this facility are enrolled in the different sex offender treatment programs. These intensive treatment programs are designed to assist sex offenders with their issues involving what caused them to commit the sex crime.

Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX

As you can see, being convicted of a federal sex crime can lead to your life being changed forever. Because of this, you will no longer have the freedoms you have today and will constantly live a life where you are watched. When dealing with any sex crime charge is it pertinent to obtain an experienced Sex Crime Attorney Dallas TX. And Starr Law is your experienced criminal defense attorney you need. We have been defending sex crimes for over 20 years and understand the importance of your case. At Starr Law Firm we have a level of passion that is incomparable to other law firms. We have the knowledge to protect you and understand all the challenges you will be facing with your criminal charges. You can learn more by calling us today at 214-982-1408 and our friendly staff members will assist you with all your questions.

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