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“Hi, I’m Nathan Dykes and I was initially charged 2 years ago with two felony injuries to a child where we, we were losing ground on the case.

We didn’t know what’s going on.

The state was offering us, offering me two years minimum in the, or 10 years minimum in the penitentiary and that just wasn’t going to work and so we got a hold of Kent, we hired him immediately as He was so professional and he gave us such good advice on the case that we got hold of him and we just finished with a one-week jury trial where I was found not guilty and it’s been amazing a journey the whole time.

Kent was there from the get-go with all his knowledge and just anything that we needed. He was always contacting us back, picking up our phone calls, answering texts and during the case, in the jury trial actually, he was so so well-prepared and knew such detail – what was going on in the case.

It was…it was amazing to watch him, do the work and it was just really cool.

So we just want to say thank you Kent, you put our family back together.

We owe you everything.

Thank you Kent.”

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