Rape Attorney Fort Worth TX

Rape Attorney Fort Worth TX

Are you in a legal situation where you are needing a Rape Attorney Fort Worth TX at the earliest opportunity? Maybe you are facing are charges that are not accurate. Whether you are to blame or innocent, it is essential that you address these charges and hire an attorney immediately to get the best results possible. If this is a scenario you are facing, Starr Law Firm might have the capacity to enable you to achieve the best outcome you need.

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Are you currently facing date rape allegations? These are serious allegations and should be taken very seriously. The legal system characterizes this offense as constrained sexual intercourse with a companion. As a rule, two must be in a relationship. Maybe you are dealing with an ex that is upset because you broke up with them. Whatever the case may be, this is a serious allegation and you will need a team behind you that can help protect your name.

Here at Starr Law Firm, we understand that false allegations can emerge at any point. And they can completely alter your life. Is it accurate to say that you are facing a rape allegation that may be clouded by alcohol and drugs? Maybe you believe that your informer is accusing you of these charges out of resentment. Whatever the case may be, facing false allegations can be extremely emotional and taxing in your life. And if this is something you are facing, you will need to secure your rights no matter what. This is the reason having a Rape Attorney Fort Worth TX on your side is fundamental to protecting your name and future.

How to Fight False Accusations

Statutory rape is another potential issue you may end up confronting in case you are in a lawful predicament. This is characterized by the law as participating in a sexual act with a minor. A minor is someone that is 17 years or younger. It does not matter if there was no violence or force. Or if you thought the individual was older than 18. If you are facing these charges you could have a long fight in court. 

In today’s society, prosecutors, police, and judges are being pressured to hand out harsher punishments to those accused of rape. The prosecutors are going to be everything in their power to convict you of these charges. Even if you are innocent. And if the public hears of your case, you will be placed under more scrutiny to be placed behind bars. If this sounds like something you are dealing with, you need a strong legal team behind you. At Starr Law Firm, we have the most forceful attorneys. And we can protect you against the prosecutors, police, and public. We will fight to make sure that your name is not ruined because of false accusations. This is not the time to throw in the towel, this is the time to keep fighting for your innocence.

Why You Need A Sex Crimes Lawyer

It is important to know that the prosecution and police are going to do everything in their power to put you behind bars. You may be thinking that you do not need a team because you are innocent. And you think that the truth will come out. But that is not the truth and that is not what will happen. These prosecutors know the intricate details of the law extremely well. And they have the experience of putting innocent people behind bars. This is why you need an expert team behind you that has the knowledge to fight the prosecution.

You do not want a defense team that only has experience handling DUI cases. They will not have the knowledge to fight for your name. Kent Starr and the group at Starr Law Firm have the knowledge and understanding you are looking for. We are not reluctant to go to trial and show up to help your side. You can confide in our experts to enable you to protect your name.

Call Starr Law Firm for the Best Rape Attorney Fort Worth TX

Finding a Rape Defense Attorney Fort Worth TX when you need one can be very tough. Time is of the essence when you are dealt with these charges. And you need the correct group behind you. Kent Starr and our entire staff and partners are ready to meet with you during a free initial consultation. Kent can forcefully battle for you and protect your rights. In the official courtroom, it is imperative that you have an attorney that has your best advantages as a top priority. Our experts can endeavor to give you a shot at a positive result. Call us today at (214)- 982-1408 so we can begin constructing your case!

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