Rape Attorney Dallas TX

Rape Attorney Dallas TX

Have you found yourself in some legal trouble and now you are needing a Rape Attorney Dallas TX to assist you? Perhaps you were recently accused or arrested for rape. Regardless of your innocence or girls, it is important to speak to professional help right away. This is a serious allegation and should not be taken lightly. If this is something you are facing, Starr Law Firm may be able to help you reach the result you want.

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Date rape accusations are growing more and more. The legal system defines this offense as forced sexual intercourse with someone else. Proving your innocence when faced with something like this can be really hard and emotionally taxing. In today’s society, the legal system is trying to put away more and more people that are accused of rape. False accusations can arise at any point in your life when they do, you will need a team by your side. Are you dealing with an alleged victim that might have consumed too much liquor and their memory may have some impairment? Perhaps you believe someone is accusing your of rape because you end ed the relationship when they did not want it to end. Whatever the case may be, you are innocent until proven guilty. That is why having a Rape Attorney Dallas TX on your side defending you is paramount.

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Statutory rape is another problem you may be facing as well. This is defined in the legal system as engaging in a sexual act with someone who is 17 years and younger. The law deems minors as incapable of consent, so you will find yourself in trouble regardless of the details. Even if they act did not involve any violence or force and there seemed to be consent, the law does not see it that way. And you could be facing a long legal battle on your hands.

In today’s society, the government is under heavy pressure to come down hard on anyone that is being accused of rape. Though you may feel like you are being falsely accused, other people may not see it this way. Are you currently going through a high-profile legal case and you need a case that can handle the public? Here at Starr Law Firm, we have a team of aggressive lawyers. That has the ability to build a defense case on your behalf while keeping the public at bay. We are not afraid to take on any case at the highest level.

Are you thinking that because you are being falsely accused that you do not need a law team? Though you may think the truth will come out even without a lawyer, this is unfortunately not the case. These prosecutors know the ins and outs of the law very well. And they will do everything possible to make sure you end up behind bars. That is why you need an expert team by your side. Kent Starr and the accompanying team has the experience you need. We are not afraid to go to trial and defend your rights. You can trust our professionals to help you defend your name and life.

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Dealing with aggressive investigations and interrogations can be hard for anyone and a scary time. And you may not know what to expect. You can count on prosecutors and police officers to stop at nothing to get you to say what they want to hear. They are going to use every tactic possible to get you to confess to something you may have not done. They will even try to interview others in your life. And find whatever evidence they can to paint you in a negative light. Their number one goal is to convict you of these charges and put you behind bars.

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The worst feeling possible is to feel like you are a fighting a war without any backup or guidance. Are you beginning to feel very overwhelmed by the charges you are facing? Maybe you are beginning to crack under their pressure. And beginning to believe what the prosecutors and police are telling you. Before this begins to happen, make sure you contact Starr Law Firm. We understand how tough it can be to deal with the opposition, and we want to help. With over twenty years of experience, Kent can aggressively fight for you and defend your rights.

Finding a Rape Attorney Dallas TX professional as soon as you are accused or arrested is incredibly important. Time is of the essence when you are faced with charges like this. And you need to have the right team behind you. Kent Starr and the rest of our associates are ready to provide you with a free initial consultation. Call us today at (214)-982-1408 so we can start building your case and saving your name!

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