Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyer


Have you recently ran into some trouble with the law, and now you are looking for a Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyer? If you’re currently reading this, you probably have some type of pending legal troubles that require professional attention. Allegations, accusations, arrests, and charges are all very time-sensitive matters. If you’d like our local professionals to help, call the Kent Starr Law Firm as quickly as possible. Our team is ready to fight on your behalf. 


A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer that specializes in helping you defend your rights. Other duties include helping you build a solid case against charges and guiding you through the legal process. Prosecutors and police officers memorize and master the manipulation of laws and the legal processes. When you are faced up against these professionals, it’s important to make sure you have the right defense behind you.

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Have you been considering representing yourself in the court of law? Perhaps you feel confident in your ability. Maybe you feel like you are dealing with false accusations and the truth will come out regardless what happens. Every case is unique, and they all require different types of lawyers and tactics. However, if you’re facing charges, allegations, and more, you need a professional by your side.


Regardless of whether or not you are guilty of the accusations against you, Kent Starr can help you defend your rights. Our Starr Law Firm is made up of aggressive professionals who are not afraid to take your case to the highest level. We understand that mistakes can happen, and false accusations are a part of life. Call us when you need a Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyer you can trust.


Our Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Years Behind Bars

Police officers and prosecutors have a goal in mind when taking you to court, and that is to put you in jail. These are people who have studied the legal system in and out and have years of experience with criminal charges. As a result, you may be setting yourself up for failure if you don’t have a law team behind you.

Plano, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Plano TX Defense Lawyers

Have you recently been accused of a sex crime in Plano, Texas, and you don’t know what to do? If you live in Collin County and you don’t know what to do after experiencing a sexal assault accusation, contact us at once. Crimes that are sexual in nature carry tough stigmas along with them. Even if you believe in your innocence, you may still be publicly humiliated and shamed regardless of the facts.


Indecency with a child is another big problem that you could be facing. Are you currently being accused of having sexual contact with a person under the age of 17? The Texas Penal Code defines this as touching the genitals, breasts, or anus of a minor. If convicted of a heinous act like this, you could face up to two decades of imprisonment. In addition to this, you might also end up paying thousands of dollars in fines.


Another tough part of this is having to register as a sex offender afterwards. This is something that no adult wants to face, as it will carry consequences for the rest of your life. If the court demands that you join this registry, it will make every aspect of your life harder. Residency, employment, and much more will be permanently affected.


Local Defense Attorneys Against Accusations and Charges


Prosecutors, states, and police officers are often under lots of public pressure to make examples out of defendants. If you have been accused of a crime like this and it gets to the media, you could be facing an impartial trial. This is why it’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney you can trust.


Kent Starr and the professionals of Starr Law Firm understand the ins and outs of situations like these. We have fought a multitude of cases just like this before, and we know how prosecutors and judges work. Regardless of your innocence and guilt, you need a legal team who will help you protect your rights and reputation. If you’re facing sex crime allegations or you’re already under investigation, speak to our professionals immediately.


When it comes to drug crimes, Texas is one of the harshest states in the country. Even the smallest amounts of methamphetamines, cannabis, or cocaine can cause you to face a felony. When this happens, you could face decades of imprisonment and tens of thousands of dollars in fine. On top of all the time and money lost, your reputation will likely take a major hit. You will almost certainly find difficulty getting preferred employment if you are convicted of charges like these.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyer if you feel like you need help. If your case, charges, or allegations go to the court of law, it is important that you have a prepared and thorough case. With a criminal defense attorney like Kent Starr behind you, you’ll have the support you need to fight the prosecution. Our aggressive and experienced experts at Starr Law Firm are ready to work towards your solution today. Call us at (214)982-1408 for your free initial consultation.


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