Plano Texas Sex Crime Lawyer

Plano Texas Sex Crime Lawyer


Are you trying to find the right Plano Texas Sex Crime Lawyer for your specific needs? When you don’t know what to do and you need a criminal defense attorney quickly, let us know. We at Starr Law Firm understand what residents of the Lone Star State require. If you’re someone who can’t seem to figure out your pending charges and allegations, let us know.


Do you have a previous criminal record? If you have any types of history, the consequences of these types of offenses are very serious. Instead of facing a mere twenty years and thousands of dollars and fines, the stakes will be much higher. You could be up against 99 years to life of imprisonment, along with permanent sex offender registry.


When you find yourself in need of a Plano Texas Sex Crime Lawyer, let Starr Law Firm know what needs to happen. Make sure you get in contact with a criminal defense attorney quickly so you can build a strong case. The prosecution will not wait, and as a result, you shouldn’t, either. Call us today at 214-982-1408 for your free initial consultation. You can also e-mail for additional information on our many problems.


This is a path that nobody wants to go down. If you are a registered sex offender, virtually every aspect of your life will be altered and regressed. Most people assume that this only entails not living close to schools and daycares, but this is much more. In a lot of cases, your rights to own a firearm will disintegrate. In addition to this, you will not be able to run for office or enroll at certain academic institutions.


Plano TX Sex Crime Defense


This might not even be the worst part about all of this, though. Something else you should consider is the public humiliation and perception aspect of things. Even if you haven’t even been charged of anything yet, the general society might already deem you guilty. In Texas, cases like these are taken very seriously, and many people are quick to judge you. With Starr Law Firm beside you, you may be able to beat these challenges.


We have a team of professionals who are ready to help you. When it comes to preserving your rights as an American, you need a strong criminal defense attorney in Plano. Kent Starr is an aggressive lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the ways of these prosecutors. He has successfully developed many strategies for a multitude of clients. If you’re worried about interrogations and investigations, let our professionals know.

Plano TX Sex Crime Lawyers

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Plano

Contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are under investigation or arrest is extremely critical. Even if you think that you might be facing some potential false allegations soon, getting ahead of this is paramount. This can be an extremely time sensitive matter, and maximizing your time with your lawyer should be a priority.


Something to keep in mind are the challenges that the prosecution and police officers might present to you. These people are in the business to prosecute and successfully convict any potential suspect they come in contact with. They take whatever avenue they can to paint you in a negative light and try to vilify you.


Criminal Defense Lawyers in Plano


When you call Kent Starr, you will be paired with a professional who has your rights in mind. He has over two decades of experience, and he’ll stop at nothing to build you a strong defense. We understand that each and every situation is different, but Starr Law Firm has handled many situations similar to this. We do our best to give you top notch consultation and defense for your specific situation.

Plano TX Criminal Defense Lawyers For Sex Crimes

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It’s very tough not knowing what to do when an investigation or interrogation launches. If you are being asked questions and you believe you’re innocent, you might feel confident. However, these people are going to do whatever they can to make you out to be a criminal. If you have our lawyers around, we can help you navigate this tough process. We’ll be beside you every step of the way so you won’t have to deal with this alone.  


Are you someone who isn’t too sure of the financial aspect of all these challenges? Perhaps you’re beginning to become wary of legal fees and you’re considering forgoing this service. It is incredibly important that you don’t let finances dictate your legality. If you would like a free initial consultation, you can call us today to review your case. In addition to this, we can also help you set up flexible payment plans that help offset some of the initial burden. Kent Starr wants you to have the best representation possible for fair rates.


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If you ever find yourself needing a Plano Texas Sex Crime Lawyer, make sure you reach out to our professionals at Starr Law Firm. Make sure you get in contact with a criminal defense attorney quickly so you can build a strong case. The prosecution will not wait, and as a result, you shouldn’t, either. Call us today at 214-982-1408 for your free initial consultation. You can also e-mail for more information about how we can help your matter.


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