Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer

Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer


Are you currently looking for a Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer to help you work through accusations and allegations you’re facing? Perhaps you have been recently accused of sexually assaulting someone and you need some help. If you’re not sure what to do in this situation, make sure you get a hold of our professionals. Starr Law Firm is ready to fight to help you navigate this trying time.


Sexual assault is an incredibly serious offense that can carry tough penalties. An alleged offender is proven guilty of sexually engaging someone without consent can face years in prison. While this is an unfortunate crime that does occur in society, it is important to defend yourself if you’re accused.

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False accusations can really take a toll on you. Even if you do not ever see time behind bars, there are other consequences that could follow. This could take a lot of your time, energy, and money, all while tarnishing your reputation. This does not only make residence and employment tougher than it has to be. It also has the power to hurt relationships, friendships, and everything you once knew.


Aggravated sexual assault is an even harsher and more violent form of this crime. This is defined as sexually assaulting a victim while inflicting or threatening injury. Including the addition of physical violence, the unknown use or administration of drugs to a victim can also lead to this charge. This also carries a tougher penalty, as one could be facing up to 99 years if convicted. If the alleged offender committed this crime and the victim was 14 or under, a minimum could be 25 years.


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Another reason you might be looking for a Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer is pending statutory rape charges. This is defined as having sexual relations with someone who is too young to consent. If you have been accused of contacting someone under 17 in this way, you will need criminal defense attorneys on your side. Regardless of what you tell a prosecutor, it’s important that you hire professionals who can defend your rights. You never know when a case might have to go to trial. The good news is that Kent Starr and his team never back down from a challenge.

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In many cases, you might find yourself facing lots of consequences that are simply unnecessary or unwarranted. With today’s society, people who are charged or suspected of committing these types of crimes are harshly judged. Because of public perception, you might be seen as the villain. Even if you’re a completely innocent person fighting a false accusation, people are still quick to judge. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to hire the right lawyers.


When you have a Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer like Kent Starr on your side, you’ll be ready to fight. Currently worrying about an indecent exposure charge and you’re not sure where to go? These can be very tough accusations to deal with, and even tougher to prove. A lot of times, all it can take is a simple mistake or misunderstanding to find yourself in this situation. Even something as simple as sunbathing can cause you to deal with a long legal process.


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Every single case is different because each of these unique, sensitive situations have key differences to them. This is one of the many reasons having an experienced attorney on your side is important. Dealing with charges like these are incredibly serious, and knowing you have a lawyer with experience is paramount. Consult with our lawyers today to see if we can help you fight your pending charges and allegations.  


Finding defense early on in the process will give you a chance at receiving the outcome you want. Prosecutors will stop at nothing to find ways to put you in jail, and you need attorneys who will fight back. On your behalf, our lawyers can review the details of your case and plan our moves accordingly.


If you’re worried about potential legal fees making it impossible for you to find the defense you need, we can help. Our professionals understand that law assistance is not always cheap, but we can make things easier. With our payment plans and competitive rates, you won’t find yourself breakin the break after one meeting. We believe in helping our clients for a fair and manageable rate.


The earlier you speak to a Plano Sexual Assault Lawyer, the better your chances are at an outcome that favors you. Don’t let pending accusations, investigations, or arrests go untreated for too long. Speak to our professional law team and you’ll have the information and guidance you need to overcome your struggles. Call us at (214) 982-1408 for your free initial consultation. Once we speak to you and get an idea of what your specific situation is, we can work hard to begin building a strong defense.


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