Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Sachse TX

The State of Texas Isn’t Always Fair – You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Sachse TX ! Kent Starr is on Your Side!

Did you know Texas’s criminal justice system doesn’t always hand down just consequences?

Case in point: Claude Jones was executed in 2000 for a murder he didn’t commit.

At a more practical level, you can be convicted of animal cruelty even if you act in self-defense. Attorney Kent Starr knows this because he’s handled many animal cruelty cases before.

What happens is you get a liberal jury loaded with people biased in favor of animal rights. To them, it’s never okay to kill or injure an animal with a weapon – even if you act in self-defense.

The district attorney also uses a “specialized prosecution” team that gets funded by special interest groups. The people that are part of such teams have almost no trial experience whatsoever.

Does this sound like the setting for a fair, objective criminal trial to you?

Unfortunately, Texas’ criminal justice system doesn’t always do the fair, or just, thing.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Sachse TX

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Sachse Texas

And to compound the problem, many criminal defense lawyers in Sachse, TX can’t get you a fair legal outcome. This usually boils down to 2 different reasons:

1. The lawyer is too inexperienced to defend you successfully
2. The attorney doesn’t care enough to come to your defense – they’d rather run you through the process and get a check

Kent Starr is one of those rare, ultra high-integrity criminal defense attorneys who fights, scratches, and claws to get you the fair legal outcome you deserve.

Take a look at an example of how criminal defense lawyer Kent Starr got a client charged with manslaughter (carries a 2-20 year prison sentence) a truly just legal outcome of “not guilty:”

A certain person approached Kent for legal representation. This client admitted he was involved with taking the life of another person. However, he didn’t agree with the current charge: criminally negligent homicide (carries a prison sentence of 180 days – 2 years). Kent agreed with the client – the charges were not fair based on the client’s actions.

So, Kent approached the district attorney of Collin County, Texas. Heated arguments followed.

Rather than being reasonable, the district attorney chose to charge the client with the much more serious crime of manslaughter. The client now faced a much longer prison sentence than he did in the first place!

Did Kent really know what he was doing?

He did and knew the district attorney’s real agenda was to place the client behind bars. He was using the manslaughter charge as an intimidation tactic to get Kent and the client to agree to a plea deal.

And most inexperienced or careless lawyers would have advised the client to do exactly that!

But, Kent did some legal research. He found that other persons in similar circumstances did not go to jail at all.

So what sense would it make for his client to get such a punishment? He presented this information to the judge and district attorney, and they did not agree with Kent’s conclusions.

So the case went to trial. Kent presented the same information to the jury that he did to the judge and district attorney.

After an exhausting week-long battle in court, the jury agreed with Kent: the client was “not guilty” of manslaughter.

This client walked home a free person. Most criminal defense lawyers would have advised a plea deal that would send this client to jail for at least several years!

That’s the difference between an experienced, passionate lawyer and an inexperienced or careless criminal defense attorney.

Why Does Sachse, TX Criminal Defense Attorney Kent Starr Care about Your Legal Outcome so Much?

He’s a very high-integrity person who wouldn’t be able to live with himself if you got an unjust legal outcome.

How would you feel if it was your job to defend people, and you didn’t do everything in your power to help them get what they really deserve?

In his personal life, Kent’s always been a tough, aggressive guy. In college, his passions were (in addition to law) Golden Gloves boxing and karate. He actually holds a first-degree black belt.

He doesn’t fight physically anymore, but that energy has to go somewhere. So now, it goes to use for you in the courtroom and legal system every day.

But don’t worry, Kent’s really a very nice guy in person. He’s calm and understanding and wants to learn the facts of your situation so he knows how to help you.

And even though this is a difficult time in your life, he has a slick sense of humor to help you make it through.

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To help you, Kent needs to know the exact facts of your case. He’s not the type of lawyer who gets you off of legitimate charges.

Once he knows your circumstances, he’ll let you know what he can and cannot do for you. He may tell you to plead guilty to reduced charges, or take your case to trial.

What he will do is everything in his power to make sure you get the just legal outcome you deserve.

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Always Get a Second Legal Opinion

When you hear the words “second opinion,” you usually think of doctors, don’t you? After all, if they tell you something you believe isn’t accurate, it makes sense to talk to someone else. And sometimes doctors don’t tell you the right thing. In other cases, it’s totally unclear as to what’s really going on.

Well, the same thing happens in law too. You can talk to one lawyer and get a completely different opinion than what another says.

You can almost always get FREE consultations too, so it makes sense to shop around a little.

When Does it Make Sense to Get a Second Legal Opinion?

There are a number of situations where this makes sense:

1. If You Face Extremely Serious Charges

Even if you have a high degree of trust in your current lawyer, it makes sense to talk to another one. Any criminal charges are serious and could result in jail time, or extended probation. Talk to another lawyer just to see what he says. If he agrees with what you’re currently doing, then you’ve got a good lawyer right now.

2. If Communication Is Tough to Get

This is almost never a good sign. You should be able to get fairly regular contact with your criminal defense lawyer. If you ask questions and don’t get responses for days on end (or at all), it’s time to at least get a second opinion.

A lack of communication could mean your attorney isn’t fully dedicated to your case.

3. You Don’t See Value for the Costs You’re Paying

This could or could not be a problem with your lawyer. You may also have expectations which are too high.

Unfortunately, however, some lawyers do just collect checks and give you almost no value for it. If you start to suspect this is the case, seek a second legal opinion to gain perspective.

4. You’re Not Confident in Your Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Experience

The first time you talked to him, your lawyer seemed to be an ace in his legal specialty. But as you’ve gotten to know him, he’s done some things that cause you to question his competence.

If you’re starting to get nervous, seek a second legal opinion. It could be that you’re getting cold feet. Or, it could be that the lawyer you have isn’t good enough for the job. A second legal opinion gives you perspective.

5. You Don’t Have to Fire Your Current Criminal Defense Attorney!

If you want a second legal opinion and you’re in the middle of the case, it’s not a problem at all to talk to another lawyer. You can ask friends and family members for their opinions, but they don’t have legal experience!

If there’s something you doubt with your current lawyer, share your concerns with him if you feel comfortable. But, you don’t need to do that – you can just go ahead and get a second legal opinion at any time.

If nothing else, you’ll be reassured your current lawyer is doing a good job.

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Sachse, TX criminal defense and DWI attorney Kent Starr can’t guarantee you a certain legal outcome. But he has helped many clients get better legal outcomes than they were promised by other lawyers.

What Kent can guarantee you is that he does everything in his power to get you the just legal outcome you deserve.

To find out how Kent can help, contact him online or call 214-982-1408.

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