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Think about the charges you face right now. What’s your maximum possible punishment?

Could it be a few years in prison? More than a decade?

What will happen to your reputation? Will your family members speak to you anymore? Will you lose your job?

Believe it or not, the legal system doesn’t always do the just and fair thing.

Many people who shouldn’t spend any time in prison end up there for several years!

Searching For A Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Richardson TX?

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Richardson TX

Learn how criminal defense attorney Kent Starr helped a client facing up to 20 years in prison walk home free:

In 2008, Kent took on a client accused of killing another person in Collin County, Texas. A grand jury indicted the client with negligent criminal homicide.

Kent and his client agreed his client did in fact kill the person in question. However, they did not agree with the charges.

Kent discussed the case’s facts with the district attorney. A heated argument took place.

Dissatisfied with Kent’s argument, the district attorney re-indicted the client with a much, much more serious charge of manslaughter. When this happens, the strategy is to intimidate the defending attorney into accepting a plea bargain.

Rather than taking the offer, which involved a prison sentence of 2-20 years, Kent presented numerous similar cases where the accused persons went free. Both the judge and district attorney did not agree with Kent’s argument, and the case went to court.

Kent presented the same argument to the jury. And after a week-long trial, the jury declared the client not guilty.

Many criminal defense lawyers in Richardson would have advised the client to accept the plea bargain. Instead of a prison sentence of several years, losing his job, and many broken relationships, the client walked home a free man!

So you see, your legal outcome depends largely on the skill of your criminal defense attorney.

That’s why you can’t afford to go with just anyone. You have to get representation from a talented lawyer who’s also passionate about their career.

Richardson, TX Criminal Defense Attorney Kent Starr Ferociously Fights for Your Rights!

Kent’s always been an aggressive person. As a young adult during his college years, he was a Golden Gloves boxer and also earned a first-degree black belt.

He doesn’t fight physically anymore. But he does have to channel that energy somewhere.

So now it goes to work for you in the courtroom!

And his toughness and tenacity have earned him a sterling reputation with both clients and colleagues. Feel free to research Kent online – you’ll find a number of reviews confirming these statements.

But don’t get intimidated. While Kent’s a no-nonsense warrior on your side in the courtroom, he’s a pretty nice, understanding guy in person.

And he loves to use his sense of humor to help you relax as much as possible during this difficult time in your life.

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Criminal Defense FAQ – How Does Criminal Defense Work in Today’s Legal System?

How do you Get Charged with a Crime?

First, you must be arrested and charges must be filed. For that to happen, the police officer must view you illegal activity themselves. This could be a DWI or other major traffic violation.

If they don’t observe any illegal actions, they must have a reasonable belief you are committing an illegal act, or have a search warrant. Once arrested, your photograph, fingerprints, and personal information are taken.

This is the point where you should contact a criminal defense attorney.

Then, you must appear in court, usually just a few hours after your arrest and booking. The court then decides whether to release you or require you to post bail.

 Lawyer Serving Richardson TX, Criminal Defense

lawyer Serving Richardson TX Criminal Defense

How do Plea Bargains Work?

The US Constitution guarantees you to the right of a trial by jury. However, you can agree to a plea bargain at any time.

Most cases are resolved through plea bargains. And generally, it is to your advantage to negotiate one.

How is Evidence Presented?

During this process, the prosecution has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Both the prosecution and defense can only present non-prejudicial evidence. Typically, courts hold hearings before your trial to determine the admissibility of various pieces of evidence.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Want to Plead Guilty?

Yes. No doubt about it. Your lawyer may be able to help you negotiate a lesser charge, which could result in a more lenient punishment.

Also, don’t automatically plead guilty. Talk to a lawyer first. You could save yourself several years in prison by doing so.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Minor Charges?

No criminal charges are “minor.” Even if you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor, a conviction could cause difficulty for you for the rest of your life.

Background checks are run for jobs and volunteer positions, and that could cause concern for some hiring individuals. And, think of how your family and friends could view your conviction.

How Do I Know I’ve Hired the Right Criminal Defense Attorney?

You should feel like you can tell your attorney the full truth. If you feel like you have to hold things back, they cannot successfully represent your case.

Also, you should feel like they take your best interests to heart. Many lawyers just run you through the system, so it’s not always the case the first one you get is a good one.

Can I Fire my Attorney?

In a technical sense, you can fire your criminal defense attorney at any time. You still have to pay your lawyer for their services up to the time you dismiss them.

If your case is already close to trial, the court may not allow you to do this unless you have good cause.

What Should I Reasonably Expect from my Criminal Defense Attorney?

Don’t expect a guarantee that you’ll win. No attorney can say that – ever. They can tell you that you have a strong case and good chances of winning. But that’s as far as they can go.

You should expect to learn from your attorney all information related to your criminal charge. They should also tell you the best possible defenses, and potential outcomes you could expect in court.

Can My Past Criminal Record Matter – Even if it Was Decades Ago?

It can affect how the judge, jury, and prosecution view you now. If you got a drug possession charge as a youth, that can come into play.

However, a skilled criminal defense attorney helps the judge, jury, and prosecution understand who you are now.

Can I Go to the Courtroom and Speak Directly with the Prosecutor?

You can, but this only makes your guilt certain and sentence maximum. The prosecutor would love this because then he doesn’t have to deal with a criminal defense attorney.

You may give him information that works against you, and he’ll happily use it that way.

What Questions Should I Ask Criminal Defense Lawyers?

One of the first you should ask is if they actually work on your case. At firms, especially larger ones, they may refer your case to inexperienced associates. You can talk to one attorney and find out another actually ends up representing you.

You should always ask the number and types of cases your criminal defense attorney has worked on. You want someone with experience and a demonstrated track record of success.

Some lawyers will tell you to plead guilty or accept a plea bargain even if you could realistically walk away not guilty. Talk to several other lawyers before you accept this opinion at face value.

Finally, ask your lawyer the specific actions they will take to fight your case. Some give empty promises and just collect checks. Be ready to seek additional opinions if you do not get a satisfactory answer.

What’s the Difference Between Probation and Parole?

Probation is an alternative to prison, while parole is a shortening of the time you spend in prison. With probation, you might attend counseling and do community service instead of going to prison.

In the case of parole, you complete a portion of your sentence outside of prison. You may have to adhere to certain terms like you do with parole.

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