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Mr Starr is the most aggressive yet, passionate Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Greenville TX you will ever encounter! Kent Starr does everything in his power to make sure you get a just and fair legal outcome. He can’t guarantee you will get a better legal outcome than you would with other lawyers, but he does make it happen routinely.

For example, take a look at this story that shows how Kent got a client accused of manslaughter (carries a 2-20 year prison sentence) a jury verdict of “not guilty:”

In 2008, a certain person approached Kent for legal representation. He was accused of killing another person in Collin County, TX.

A grand jury charged this person with criminally negligent homicide (carries a 180-day – 2-year prison sentence).

Now, the client actually readily admitted he was in fact involved with the death of the other person. However, given the circumstances of the situation, Kent found a prison sentence for the client’s actions ridiculous.

So he talked with the Collin County district attorney about the situation – and it didn’t go well. They got into heated arguments.

Rather than seeing the situation objectively, the district attorney instead re-indicted the client with manslaughter (carries a 2-20 year prison sentence).

Based on his legal experience, Kent really knew the district attorney’s agenda was to intimidate Kent and the client into making a plea deal. The DA wanted to make sure this client went to prison for at least a few years.

Let’s stop here for a second. Many inexperienced criminal defense lawyers, and some who just don’t care about their jobs, would advise the client to take the deal.

However, because Kent truly believed in the client’s innocence and because of his passion for his job, he advised the client to turn down the deal. That’s what happened.

Kent also presented other past similar cases where people who did very similar things as the client did not go to jail. This information was show to both the judge and district attorney.

Even after seeing this information, the judge and district attorney did not agree the client should walk away a free person.

So, the case went to trial. It was an intense debate that lasted a week. However, the jury agreed with Kent. This person was in fact “NOT GUILTY” of manslaughter.

Remember, many other lawyers would have told this same client to go to prison for several years instead of contesting the charges in court and going home free.

That’s why people looking to get the best legal outcome approach Kent Starr for representation.

He takes your freedom just as seriously as his own!

Greenville, TX Criminal Defense – DWI Attorney Kent Starr Passionately Protects Your Legal Rights!

From a very young age, Kent’s been an aggressive, independent person. During his college years, not only did he go through law school, but he was a Golden Gloves boxer and First-Degree black belt in his spare time!

Passionate Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Greenville TX

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Greenville Texas

Now he doesn’t fight physically anymore. But, all that aggressive energy goes to work for you in the courtroom!

And don’t be intimidated by Kent’s tough, up-front personality. When you meet him in person, he’s a very kind, understanding guy.

And he has a great sense of humor too that helps reduce the stress during this difficult time in your life.

He’s a high-integrity type of person also. And that’s what’s earns him rave reviews from parents and peers alike. Just Google “Kent Starr lawyer” to learn the great things others have to say about him.

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Let’s be clear: Kent’s not the type of criminal defense attorney who uses legal loopholes to help you get away with legitimate charges.

He only helps you if he analyzes the facts of your situation and believes you face unjust legal treatment.

And if it turns out you are getting treated unjustly, he ferociously defends your legal rights.

If you talked with another criminal defense lawyer in Greenville, TX and got a legal opinion you didn’t like, it’s worth your time to talk to Kent.

Why jeopardize your legal future with an inexperienced or unconcerned lawyer?

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How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

How do you find the best attorney for your situation? You have to make the choice, but here are some tips:

1. Stay away from public defenders at all costs. Their caseloads often exceed 200, while the American Bar Association recommends any lawyer should have less than 100.

Guess what? That gives them less time to pay attention to your case. And in reality, the Justice Policy Institute backs this up with research.

They’re often well-intended, passionate people. But they can’t get you the legal outcome you deserve.

2. Ask about their experience. It’s important to have a lawyer with significant personal experience defending your exact type of case. That way, you know they know all the ins and outs of successfully defending your type of case.

3. Check out online reviews. An attorney can tell you how great they are until they’re blue in the face. But it’s not very credible information unless you find it from a 3rd party. You can always Google the lawyer name and check their reviews. There are also many other legal directories available.

4. Ask attorneys for case examples. Now they can’t offer confidential client details. But they can tell you about cases without using any information that gives the client’s anonymity away. They should be able to relate a case or two similar to yours, and what they did to get their client a successful legal outcome.

5. First, you get to be the lawyer. When you do talk with attorneys that potentially may represent you, ask questions like these:

• How will your case be resolved?
• What are the best defense strategies for your case?
• What are the pros and cons of each strategy?
• Will they be the only attorney working on your case?
• Will they personally represent you in court (if necessary)?
• How do their fees work?
• How much do they believe it will cost to resolve your case?

You’ll get a sense of this attorney, who they are, and whether they’re truly committed to you.

6. Share competing attorney’s legal opinions and see how your attorney reacts. You have to use quite a bit of personal discretion here. Just because an attorney’s opinion disagrees with another’s doesn’t mean either attorney is competent (or not). You have to pay close attention to what each says, and then go with the lawyer you believe has the most credible defense approach.

7. Ask for references. Do be aware not every attorney gives references because of the client’s right to confidentiality. However, some may offer references. Do check them if they’re available.

8. What if you already have an attorney and you want to fire yours? You can theoretically do this at any time. However, courts may not always allow you to do this during the course of your case (depending on the circumstances).

You are always free to speak to another attorney at any time during your case. This attorney may or may not recommend that you stay with your current attorney.

However, at least you’ll know whether or not you have the best legal representation available.

9. Does advertising method have anything to do with the credibility of the attorney?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, less than the best lawyers build a business by spending big dollars on television campaigns. And other times, those recognizable faces are in fact very good at what they do. And to confound those statements, you can even find excellent lawyers who do very little advertising at all.

So, no, advertising has nothing to do with the competence of the lawyer. Some want to grow their practice into a huge operation. Others happily work themselves with the help of a paralegal.

10. Work with the criminal defense lawyer you trust the most. If experience and all other factors you’ve checked are roughly the same, work with the lawyer you trust.

If you don’t trust them or they rub you the wrong way, there will be many interpersonal conflicts down the road. Keep moving on until you find a criminal defense attorney you feel comfortable with.

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Greenville, TX criminal defense attorney Kent Starr doesn’t take on every case that comes his way.

He only works with clients he truly believes he can get the best legal outcome for.

Why trust your case to anyone who does anything less?

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