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Your Denton, TX Criminal -Defense Lawyer May be Experienced, but Does He Passionately Fight for Your Rights?

Did the lawyer you talked to advise you to settle for a plea deal?

Did you know you could possibly go home free instead?

With criminal defense lawyers, experience is important, no doubt. But many of them just want to send you through the process and collect a check.

Seriously – that’s no joke! Some lawyers do not care about your fate, when you could be facing 20 years or more in the Texas State Penitentiary.

If you approach a firm, you may talk to an experienced partner, but then they pass your case off to a less-experienced lawyer. And chances are high he doesn’t know how to successfully defend you against the aggressive Texas legal system.

Attorney Kent Starr doesn’t hold back when it comes to advocating for your legal rights.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Denton TX Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Denton Texas

Take a look at this story to see how Kent helped a client facing up to 20 years in prison get a not guilty verdict:

A certain client approached Kent for representation. This client was accused of killing another person in Collin County, Texas. The client readily admitted to Kent that the person’s life was taken at the client’s hands.

The grand jury indicted the client for negligent criminal homicide, and you can spend a minimum of 180 days to 2 years in prison if convicted. You can even be convicted of this crime for accidentally killing another motorist by running a stop sign, speeding, or texting while driving.

Given the facts of the case, Kent did not find any kind of prison sentence reasonable. So, he talked to the district attorney and got in multiple heated arguments.

Rather than acknowledge the facts of the situation, the district attorney instead re-indicted the client with a crime of manslaughter. If convicted, the client could have spent from 2-20 years in prison instead!

But Kent knew what was really going on. The district attorney was in fact trying to intimidate Kent and his client into accepting a plea deal.

Most lawyers would have advised the client to accept the deal – and spend years in prison!

More arguments took place among Kent, the district attorney, and the judge presiding over the case. He presented numerous cases with similar circumstances where the individuals went free and were not required to serve any prison sentences whatsoever.

The judge and the district attorney did not see the situation the same way, so the case went to trial. Kent presented the facts to the jury. After a week-long trial, he convinced them that his client should go free. They gave the client, accused of manslaughter, a not guilty verdict!

Many criminal defense lawyers simply aren’t knowledgeable or committed to their profession enough to fight this hard for your rights!

Charged with a Crime? Talk to Kent Starr, an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Denton, TX First!

When it comes to your future, Kent takes it just as seriously as he does his own. Should you really have to spend years in prison just because you didn’t hire the right lawyer for the job?

Kent’s always been a ferocious competitor. As a young adult in college, he was a Golden Gloves boxer. And he also has a first degree black-belt too.

His intense passion for fighting for your rights has earned him a sterling reputation among both legal peers and clients alike. Feel free to research him further online!

He doesn’t compete physically anymore, but that energy has to go somewhere. So now it goes to use for you in the courtroom.

But don’t be intimidated. Kent’s actually a pretty nice, down-to-earth guy in person. And he has a sense of humor you’ll appreciate.

Being charged with any crime, however, is no joke. That’s why it makes sense to hire a professional criminal defense attorney who doesn’t play any games with your future.

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If you’ve already approached another lawyer and have been advised to take a plea deal, why not get a second opinion?

And if you haven’t talked to one yet, you can learn the very best legal outcome you can expect for your situation.

Kent will not promise you the moon. He cannot guarantee legal outcomes. But he will analyze the facts of your situation and give you his legal opinion.

For many clients, that does result in a better legal outcome than they could get with other criminal defense attorneys in Denton, TX.

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Common Legal Defenses Used in Criminal Cases

It’s not possible to get too far into defending your criminal charges, but you can get some idea of what actions help to support your case. Every situation has its own specifics, and Denton criminal defense attorney Kent Starr has to know the specific facts of your situation before planning your defense.

For example, if accused of animal cruelty, he may question jurors, attempting to expose liberal attitudes that result in biased decisions.

Remember, the burden of proof is on the prosecutor and his legal team. You are assumed innocent of your crime until you are proven guilty.

Here are some common defenses that may or may not be used when representing your case:

The Alibi Defense

This one’s pretty simple and straightforward. Either you were at the scene of the crime, or you weren’t. With the alibi defense, one or more witnesses may be called to testify they saw you somewhere other than the scene of the crime at the time it allegedly happened.

It sounds simple, but before DNA evidence was allowed, some people were wrongfully sentenced to life in prison based solely on (inaccurate) witness testimony.


In this case, you admit you did in fact commit the act. However, you did it because the other person took threatening actions and you found it necessary to defend yourself.

For this defense to work, you have to act the way a reasonable person would in the same situation. You do not have to be physically attacked first, but you do have to reasonably think someone will attack you.

Also, you may not use more force than is reasonable. You may be guilty of a crime if you use excessive force.

The Insanity Defense

Doesn’t it seem like you hear about this one all the time in the media? It’s actually only used in very rare cases.

It’s based on the fact some people suffering from grave mental disorders are incapable of choosing right from wrong. Even if it is used, it rarely works.

And if you do win your case with this defense, usually you have to spend time in an institution until you restore your sanity. In some cases, you can actually end up spending more time in that institution than you would have in prison.

The Entrapment Defense

In this situation, you claim you were baited into committing an illegal act by law enforcement. But, it must be clear you had no prior intention of committing the crime.

If you are ready and willing to commit the crime, as in the case of a prostitution sting, you’ll have a difficult time proving your innocence. Typically, this defense only works if you have little or no prior criminal record.

Prior Case History

Just like the example story above where a client accused of manslaughter was sent home free, you can argue your innocence based on what happened in other cases with similar circumstances.

So say you commit a crime and the district attorney recommends a prison sentence. Then, in similar past cases, say juries presiding over similar acts and circumstances did not convict the accused individuals of a crime. You present that case history to the judge, district attorney, and jury (if necessary).

Then you argue that if other people committed the same acts and were not convicted of a crime, it makes no sense to do that to you.

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The skill and commitment of your criminal defense attorney make a big difference to your legal outcome too!

Why hire a lawyer who just wants to collect a check, or a cheaper, inexperienced rookie?

Don’t gamble with your future…place it in skilled hands.

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Kent gives you only the facts. And if he thinks he can help you get a better legal outcome than you currently face, he’ll gladly take on your case.

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