Falsely Accused of a Crime Need a Lawyer Plano TX

Falsely Accused of a Crime Need a Lawyer Plano TX


Have you been Falsely Accused of a Crime Need a Lawyer Plano TX? When you are dealing with false allegations, you may be panicking or frantically looking for a way out. If you’re unable to deal with this by yourself and you need the help of an attorney, call Kent Starr. With the Starr Law Firm being ready and willing to help, you can always count on reliable lawyers.


Are you facing accusations of child molestation or sexual abuse? Perhaps a former partner or friend is accusing you of sexually engaging you or someone else’s offspring. This an incredibly serious crime, and though it does unfortunately happen, false accusations take place. This transpires more than you might think it does. In many cases, all it takes is a bitter or jealous ex-wife or husband to instigate a very trying legal process. Even though this can be tough and extremely unfair to the “suspect”, you need to make sure you defend yourself appropriately.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Plano TX

Plano Defense Lawyers For False Allegations

Being accused of domestic violence is something else you should definitely handle if it ever happens to you. Has someone has been accusing you of committing violence or threatening harm against someone in your household? In Texas, you may be facing up to twenty years of imprisonment for this even if it’s your first criminal offense. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by involving our criminal defense lawyers.


Plano Criminal Defense Lawyers For False Allegations


Online solicitation of a minor, aggravated assault, and possession of a controlled substance are other pending charges you might be fighting. Again, these are all crimes that do unfortunately take place in our society, but being false allegations are never okay. Even before the trial starts, you could be facing rampant backlash from your community and those around you. These types of crimes are heavily punished in the Lone Star State.


Kent Starr has over twenty years of experience fighting false allegations and accusations in the Collin County area. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Plano to help you fight against your charges, call us. To make sure you get the right outcome, it’s going to require an aggressive lawyer who isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with prosecutors and investigators. The faster you call us, the sooner we can start assisting you in your legal battles.


Finding a favorable outcome for your specific situation is always our number one goal. Each case is different, and we understand that what works for one client may not always work. This is why we closely review the details of your circumstance and build a legal strategy based off that. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck with a plea bargain if you have not committed any sort of crime. Let us know so we can fight for your acquittal; innocent citizens should have their charges thrown out, period.


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If you find yourself being falsely accused, it is absolutely imperative you talk to a criminal defense attorney. With our professionals. We offer free, no-commitment initial consultations for anyone looking for a lawyer. In addition to this, you may also be eligible to spread your fees and payments across a payment plan. Call us at 214-982-1408 or e-mail Carla@Kstarrlaw.com for more information.


Are you currently considering going to trial without professional representation from a criminal defense lawyer? Many people think that law professionals are not needed when they are falsely accused of a crime. Even though you claim innocence, this will not be enough. The truth is not always enough to set you free in the court of law. There are many difficult aspects of trials and legal cases. Unless you’re a trained professional, in most cases, you may find yourself ill-equipped to face what you’re up against.


The importance of getting in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible absolutely cannot be overstated. When you have aggressive investigators and prosecutors closely watching you, your margin of error is very slim. These people know how to coerce suspects and defendants into saying things they want to hear. As a result, even though you might be innocent, one mistake is all it takes to make your trial even tougher. Give yourself a better shot at success by hiring a lawyer.  


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While you might not be able to handle this all by yourself, you can count on the Starr Law Firm for help. Kent Starr understands how prosecutors and investigators work, and he can help you put together a strong defense. When you’re dealing with aggression from the prosecution, you need an attorney who will work hard on your behalf. At the Starr Law Firm, we believe in protecting each and every client until the very end of his or her case.


Our representatives understand that consulting lawyers and paying legal fees can be very confusing. Because of this, we offer free initial consultations to any prospective client looking for a criminal defense attorney. In addition to this, you can also count on our reps to help you set up a payment plan. This will help you handle the costs that will come with this process. Don’t allow finances to stop you from acquiring the appropriate representation your case calls for.

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If you are Falsely Accused of a Crime and Need a Lawyer Plano TX, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals. We understand that false allegations can be nearly impossible to overcome without the help of a law firm. With Kent Starr and his team behind you, you can count on reliable criminal defense attorney service in Collin County. Call us at 214-982-1408 or e-mail Carla@Kstarrlaw.com for more information.


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