False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano

False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano


Are you seeking a false accusations of sexual assault lawyer Plano?  Too many people in this country are guilty until proven innocent. This holds true for cases dealing with sexual assault. With coverage of cases at an all-time high, it can be hard to know where to turn. Seeking support from friends and family can help. Seeking experienced  legal advice is even more important. There are so many things to think about, so many plans to make. Going through it all alone can overwhelm you.


Allegations of sexual assault in Plano TX are serious. Annual statistics from 2015 show 19,537 reported cases of assault in Texas. These crimes can happen anywhere. They can happen to anyone. If you’re innocent, isn’t it better for the real victims to get justice? Do you know the severity of these charges?


Defendants looking for help with sexual assault charges in Texas can call Kent Starr. His firm provides personal defense for every single case. Sexual assault charges are aggressive. You should have a fierce attorney proven to do what’s best for his clients. Call us to talk to Kent at (214) 982-1408 to set up a free consultation. Visit https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com/to set up an appointment online.


Types of Crimes Associated with Accusations of Sexual Assault in Plano TX


It can mean many things when you have false accusations of sexual assault against you. Sex crimes take many forms across the United States. “Rape” is one of the most common terms used to describe these crimes. Types of sexual violence varies from state to state. They can range from incest to sexual assault and child sexual abuse. In Texas, charges of sexual assault become aggravated assault depending on certain factors. These include if the victim is under the age of 14, elderly, or disabled. If there is use of a deadly weapon or serious injury then it is also aggravated assault.

False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer In Plano Area

False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano Texas

Penalties for these types of sexual assault cases in Plano, TX can vary. The punishments may be different but all are severe.


No one wants to imagine being the victim of such abuse. No one wants to imagine carrying out such a crime either. Don’t risk losing your trial when accused of sexual assault. Contact Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408 when looking for a false accusations of sexual assault lawyer Plano. You can also learn more about the firm online at https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com/.





Conviction Terms and Accusations of Sexual Assault in Plano TX


Sentences for sexual assault in Plano TX are severe. No matter what the case is, a conviction will have life altering effects. Sexual assault is usually a second degree felony in Texas. The sentence can be anywhere from two to many years in prison with a fine of up to $10,000. A sexual assault charge can become a first degree felony in certain cases. A first degree felony in Texas is punishable by up to 95 years in a state prison with a fine of up to $10,000. Aggravated assault is a first degree felony that carries the same penalties.


People charged with sexual assault face problems once released from jail, too. They have to register for the sex offender list. This excludes them from many of the things in life that others take for granted. They can’t get good jobs. They can’t interact with people the way they used to. That person also face the threat of violence from people in their community. Their lives change for the worse. Their lives change forever.


False accusations of sexual assault and a guilty verdict can and will ruin your life.

Give yourself a fighting chance. Do everything you can to avoid conviction. Call a false accusations of sexual assault lawyer in Plano like Kent Starr. Visit https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com/ to schedule an appointment. You can also call our office at (214) 982-1408.


Preparation for False Accusations of Sexual Assault in Plano TX


When you’re charged with sexual assault, the thought of conviction is scary. It can be easy for you to feel ashamed. It can be easier to avoid thinking about it. If you’re facing sexual assault charges in Plano TX, you need preparation. You have to prepare for anything. If not prepared, you can risk losing your job. You can risk property damage. You can even face harassment and violence from those who think you’re guilty.


There are many ways to avoid issues that might seem like sexual assault. You must avoid engaging in inappropriate contact when dealing with others. This includes suggestive comments, dirty jokes, or aggressive horseplay. Avoiding this behavior when facing the sexual assault trial process.

Who is the Best False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer In Plano?

False Accusations of Sexual Assault Attorney Near me Plano texas area

If accused, you and your attorney will gather information to prove your innocence. The easiest way to do this is to provide an alibi. Find friends and family members who can testify in your defense. Track down witnesses that may have seen you out in public. The more evidence you have for an alibi, the better your chances of winning the case will be.


A False Accusations of Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX Can Help Your Case


Defendants can also prove their innocence by giving the court evidence of consent. This can be more difficult as some states have different laws on consent. People can be afraid to save messages once charged. Always save messages from your cell phone or social media. Doing so will build your case to avoid a sexual assault conviction.


Don’t wait. If you or someone you know faces false accusations of sexual assault, hire the right help. Contact attorney Kent Starr here at Starr Law P.C. Kent Starr is the right choice for your defense attorney needs. Call (214) 982-1408 or visit our website at https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com/ when looking for a false accusations of sexual assault lawyer Plano TX.


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