Drug Crimes Attorneys Plano

Drug Crimes Attorneys Plano


Are you looking for Drug Crimes Attorneys Plano experts but you still haven’t found the lawyers you need? Perhaps you are trying to navigate a recent arrest, charge, or accusation, but you don’t know where to start. This is a very serious matter, but the Texas professionals at Starr Law Firm can help.


With the use of marijuana is becoming more and more apparent in this country, many states have taken steps towards legalizing it. Places such as Colorado has not only made the medicinal use of cannabis legal, but its recreational counterpart as well. However, Texas has yet to catch up to progress like this. In the Lone Star State, being caught in possession of even a small amount of marijuana can have terrible consequences.

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Drug possession is without a doubt a serious charge that needs to be handled by a legal team. However, if you have been charged with intent to sell or distribute, it can drastically change things. Proving that one has the intention to make a profit of their substances can be very tricky. In many cases, officers and prosecutors will try to charge you if they find a scale or collection of small Ziploc bags with “your” drugs. If they find a large sum of money as well, you could be in a lot of trouble.


Possession and Distribution Charges


As you can see, possession with the intent to distribute is a lot different than fighting a small possession charge. When you are caught with large amounts of a substance along with additional paraphernalia, prosecutors will try to use this as leverage. Because they see a hefty amount of drugs along with cash or plastic bags, they will do their best to increase your charges. The last thing you want is a possession problem to turn into an issue that involves intent to sell.


We all make mistakes, and none of us want our reputation to be needlessly tarnished. Having this on your criminal record could make potential employers, confidants, and more immediately label you as a “drug dealer”. As a result, if the prosecution is able to successfully convict you, you could be facing years and years of consequences. Our Drug Crimes Attorneys Plano TX services can help you find a way out of your tough situation.


Are you facing a charge in relation to methamphetamines? Perhaps you have recently ran into an issue with “meth” or another type of amphetamine and now you’re in legal trouble. In Texas, the Controlled Substances Act deems this substance to be one of the most harshest drugs. As a result, it is also very aggressively punished. You may be facing potential felonies if you are caught or accused of being in possession of something like this.


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When methamphetamine is involved, a first time offender will be faced with extensive jail time. Even if the legal system determines you are only in possession of one to four grams, the consequences are still grim. A charge or accusation like this can lead to up to 10 years of imprisonment as well as  When you have Starr Law Firm working on your behalf, you’ll be paired with hardworking lawyers who don’t back down. Kent Starr aggressively works on each and every case, and we’ll find a way for you to reach a favorable outcome. Whether you are facing a state penalty or a federal offense, our team will consult with you to build a solid case.


Hard narcotics such as heroin are also extremely heavily punished in Texas’s court of law. Even if someone is found with less than a gram, you can still find yourself in a mound of trouble. Possessing over four grams of this substance can cause you to face up to twenty years in prison along with heavy fines. If a prosecutor successfully charges you with intent to sell, you might be facing a life sentence.


When you are faced with tough charges that involve drugs, controlled substances, or narcotics, you need a tough team behind you. Kent Starr and his associates have years of experience successfully fighting accusations and prosecutions. We understand what it takes to reach a favorable outcome. If you’re in a situation like this, you probably want to lessen your charges or work towards a plea bargain. The first step towards giving yourself a shot at success is getting a criminal defense attorney like Kent on your side.


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The people doing the prosecuting and their accompanying investigators have been in this game for a long time. Whether or not you are guilty, their goal will be to put you behind bars. If you are looking for lawyers who aren’t afraid to build your case incessantly, don’t wait. Calling the second you are arrested or investigated gives you a chance at the outcome you want. We can begin working on your case at once to figure out what the best strategy is. Every situation is different, but our experts are masters at what they do.

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Our Drug Crimes Attorneys Plano understand the severity of legal issues that involve drugs and controlled substances. Though you may feel like your back is against the wall, Starr Law Firm is here to help. In many cases, our defense lawyers are able to drastically reduce your charges or even dismiss your case entirely. For more information, be sure to call us at (214)-982-1408. We can offer you a free consultation before starting on your case.


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