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Are you looking for a drug crime attorney in Plano? Texan judges take these types of offenses very seriously. They often impose harsh sentences, even for first-time offenders. Your success in court depends on your lawyer’s ability to navigate the complex legal system.

Police often upgrade drug possession charges in Texas to more serious offenses like trafficking. They may do so even if they do not have a lot of evidence. Something as minor has having excess cash and plastic bags can be enough. A skilled attorney knows the burden of proof the police must meet well. As a result, they are in a much better position to defend your rights than one with little experience.

Best Drug Crimes Attorney Plano

Drug Crimes Attorney Plano Texas

If you are looking for a Plano drug possession lawyer, contact Kent Starr today. He has over 20 years of experience in the criminal field, fighting charges like this. Contact our friendly office staff by calling 214-982-1408. New and returning clients can also visit https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com to learn more about our services. Do not trust your future to just any lawyer. Contact Kent Starr for the best legal defense today.

Fighting Distribution and Drug Possession Charges in Texas

Drug possession charges in Texas are very serious, regardless of the substance in question. Even being caught with minor amounts of marijuana can result in heavy fines or jail time. Hiring a skilled attorney is the best way to avoid an over-eager prosecutor. Studies show that the courts are harder on self-represented suspects. Court-provided lawyers do not always have time to review cases in detail. You can avoid the troubles encountered by people in this position by hiring experienced attorneys.

Police and prosecutors often try to find ways to charge suspects with intent to sell as well as possession. This often happens if they find kitchen scales, plastic bags, and cash at the time of arrest. Most suspects do not know that proving intent to sell is actually quite difficult. Your experienced lawyer can ensure the prosecutors prove their case or you receive an acquittal.

If you are searching for an experienced lawyer, contact Kent Starr today. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he is familiar with drug-related offences. Kent Starr never passes off your case to junior staff or outsources to other agencies. He is there for you every step of the way throughout the entire legal process. Facing drug charges can be scary. Ease your fears by hiring a skilled lawyer to fight for your rights. Contact Kent Starr today by calling 214-982-1408. He is happy to offer all new clients a free consultation.

Hire a Plano Drug Possession Lawyer for Potential Felonies

The Texan Controlled Substances Act treats possession of harsh drugs much harsher than marijuana. In fact, possession of methamphetamines can result in felony charges. First time offenders often receive extensive jail time, often 10 years for as little as four grams. When it comes to other substances, like heroin or other narcotics, first time offenders face up to 20 years. These prison sentences are in addition to steep fines. Suspects charged with intent to sell these substances often receive lifetime sentences. As a result, it is important to hire a Plano drug possession lawyer for all potential felonies.

If you are facing charges like these, you need an aggressive lawyer in your corner. Look for a firm that fights drug charges with everything they have. Never settle for a lawyer who refuses to take your case to court or who pushes for a plea. Large firms often outsource possession charges. Do not put your future in the hands of a junior staffer. Instead, hire an experienced lawyer who works with you personally to build a case.

Residents of Plano can contact Kent Starr at 214-982-1408. Our friendly office staff are happy to arrange free consultations for new clients. Kent Starr does everything he can to protect the rights of his clients. This means doing everything from meeting with you often to forcing the prosecution to fully prove their case. You can visit Kent Starr online at https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com to learn more about our services.

How to Find a Drug Crimes Lawyer in Plano

Suddenly needing a drug crime attorney in Plano can be very stressful. This is particularly true for people who have never been in legal trouble before. Start your search by looking for an attorney who specializes in drug-related charges. Make sure you hire someone with years of experience, both in and out of the courtroom.

Each situation is different, so look for an attorney who offers free consultations. This gives you a chance to explain your case without risk. Take a look at the state bar of Texas, to be sure the lawyer you choose is in good standing. Never sign a retainer agreement you do not fully understand. Always ask clarifying questions. A skilled lawyer has no trouble addressing your concerns.

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Individuals facing drug charges in Plano can contact Kent Starr for legal help. He has over 20 years of experience defending clients in court. Visit him online at https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com to learn more about his services. Prospective clients can contact our office staff by calling 214-982-1408 to book a free consultation today. Kent Starr understands how scary facing these types of charges can be. He works with each client to build the best possible defense.

Visiting a Drug Crimes Attorney Plano

Some people feel nervous the first time they visit a drug crime attorney in Plano. This is understandable, as it is a new situation for most people. Arriving a few minutes early to take care of paperwork can make things easier. Try to bring with you anything that can help your case. This includes alibi evidence if applicable. Some people bring a pen and paper with them to write down notes.

Plano residents can contact Kent Starr at 214-982-1408 with questions or concerns. He and our staff are here to help however they can. You can also visit us online at https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com to learn more. Do not trust your fate to just any lawyer. Kent Starr cares about all his clients, striving to defend your rights. If you are seeking a drug possession lawyer in Plano, contact Kent Starr today.

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