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Are you currently in the middle of an accusation or pending charge and you need a Criminal Defense Attorney Plano quickly? If you’re in amidst legal troubles and you don’t know how to navigate it, our professional lawyers can help. Starr Law Firm, led by Kent Starr, can assist you in preparing a case and fighting for the outcome you want.


Being accused of a crime can drastically change your life and reputation before you know it. As a result, it is important to do your best towards getting ahead of the situation to minimize its potential damage. Kent Starr can prepare an aggressive defense so you can have a chance at retaining your positive image. Nobody wants to see their entire life ruined because of one mistake or a false accusation. Get ahead of this problem by calling us early on in the process.


Have you recently been arrested or accused of drug possession? Laws related to drugs in the Lone Star State are some of the strictest in the entire nation. In most cases, it only takes a relatively small amount of a controlled substance to create a very stressful legal matter. When this happens, you could be facing probation, years in jail, fines, and much more.

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Domestic violence is another type of issue our Criminal Defense Attorney Plano team has a lot of experience with. Texas defines this as someone using threats, force, physical violence, and other forms of harm and abuse against a cohabitant. Is someone in your home accusing you of intentionally harming them? Perhaps they claim you threaten physical harm, law enforcement has been involved, and you don’t know what to do. Contact our lawyers so you can make sure your next step is your best one yet.


Sex Crimes Defense in Plano


Sexual assault and rape cases can be very sensitive topics for everyone who’s part of the situation. When one is accused of these types of heinous acts, it can be very difficult to overcome this. The moment the accusation is made, you could be under a burden that carries a negative stigma and a tarnished reputation. If you believe you are being falsely accused, contact the office of Starr Law Firm immediately. A case like this can have extremely severe consequences. Even if you are already under arrest, we can still consult with you in hopes of building a successful defense.


Child pornography is another tough situation that our lawyers can help you with. Texas defines this as viewing or a possessing an image, video, photo, film depicting a minor in a sexual context. While it is very overwhelming being under arrest or on trial for a crime like this, our professionals can help. Contacting a defense attorney in Texas early in the process can help you build a better case. In many circumstances, prosecutors will see this and adjust their goals. Having a strong defense can help you avoid major charges and may even lead to an acquittal or plea bargain.


Sexting and online solicitation of a minor are two other big issues that are growing increasingly common. Mobile phones, computers, and other forms of technology continue to become more important to our everyday lives. However, adults who send sexually explicit messages and photos to minors could face jail time. If you were arrested for or accused of an act such as this, consult with a defense attorney as soon as possible. It is important to prepare your defense early on in the process if you want to reach a favorable result.


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When faced with these types of issues and challenges, it is important you make sure that you have a highly qualified lawyer behind you. The farther you get in this process, the more difficult and complex it can become from you. Accusers, prosecutors, and police officers have one goal, and that is to successfully arrest the people they accuse. Make sure you have the right team of law professionals behind you before it’s time to go to court.

Plano TX Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Kent and the rest of our team understands that these can be time-sensitive situations that require immediate identification and execution. We also realize that legal fees and multiple consultations can become expensive very quickly for the typical Texan. This is why we offer a free initial consultation when you first call us about your specific circumstance. Once you agree to work with with us, our professionals will immediately start working hard towards building your defense. We also have payment plans that can help soften the upfront costs of our legal services.


Starr Law Firm has a Criminal Defense Attorney Plano expert who can help you start building your case today. If you have recently been arrested or accused, you probably have a lot of questions about the next step in this intense process. Make sure you get the right lawyers on your side by calling us for your free initial consultation. Our law team can evaluate your situation, begin creating a defense, and aggressively fight the charges you’re facing. Call us today at 214-982-1408 to start working towards a solution for your legal matter.


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  • In 2015, The Dallas-Fort Worth-Plano area was the fifth best performing city in America. This is a testament to Texas’s booming economy.
  • Three of the best neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Collin County communities reside in Plano.
  • WalletHub ranked Plano as the fourth best city to find a job.
  • The DallasChild Magazine considers this city to be the best suburb or community to raise children.
  • The website WalletHub also considers us to be the twelfth best city in America for citizens with disabilities.
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