What Do You Do If You are Accused of Animal Cruelty in Texas?

While laws differ from state to state, animal cruelty is against the law in every state, prohibiting things like torture, mistreatment, or even not providing proper shelter and food. In the past, things were more lenient, with penalties being virtually a slap on the wrist, but as a result of news stories coming out about […]

Defending Against Rape Charges: Reasonable Belief of Consent

Defending against rape charges can be difficult because a number of people believed they had consent during the act itself. Lawyers need to look at all the different angles of these cases, and they often must go back to the reasonable belief of consent. Read more to learn how rape charges can be mitigated when […]

DUI and Your ability to be employed

Texas residents may not be aware of the long term effects that DUI-related felony convictions can have on their ability to find new jobs or remained employed. The truth of the matter is that DUI convictions will follow a person for a long time to come. Overall it will impact everything job-related in the future. […]

What happens if I’m arrested for a domestic violence charge

Are you possibly facing a domestic violence charge? Perhaps you are searching for what happened if I’m arrested for a domestic violence charge. In this blog post, brought to you by Starr Law. We are going to highlight what will happen to you if you are arrested for those charges.           […]

Reasons someone might file false domestic violence charges

Are you someone that is falsely being accused of domestic violence? Perhaps you know that there was no crime, but someone is filing false charges against you. Research shows that this happens to over 30% of people in relationships. That is a staggeringly high number and in this blog post, we are going to highlight […]

The Epidemic of Opioid Addiction

When people hear about The Epidemic of Opioid Addiction, they assume it is a new outbreak among our society. However, this issue has been around for centuries. However, did you know addiction to the highly addictive drug, Opioid, can start from something as innocent as a filling a prescription from a doctor?  The best defense to educate […]

What happens when you sexually assault a child in Texas

Are you wondering what happens when you sexually assault a child in Texas? Perhaps you have found yourself in some legal trouble. And now you are wondering what is going to happen next. Make no mistake about it. Our nation and Texas have no sympathy whatsoever for sexual crimes against children. That’s why there is […]