Burglary Lawyer Plano Texas

Burglary Lawyer Plano Texas

The definition of burglary can be confusing, but an experienced burglary lawyer Plano Texas can help. Burglary is one of the most commonly committed crimes, but you shouldn’t confuse it with robbery or theft. Most people think burglary is the unlawful stealing of somebody else’s possessions, but it’s more complicated than that. Theft, burglary, and robbery are similar, but understanding the differences is crucial if you’re facing a conviction.

Robbery is the act of taking another person’s possessions by force, whereas theft refers to taking somebody’s possessions without consent. For example, if someone demands you hand over your possessions at gunpoint, you’re a victim of a robbery. If someone steals your purse while you’re visiting a shop, you’re a victim of theft. If you are charged with these crimes, you need a Collin county criminal defense attorney on your side.

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Burglary describes the crime of breaking into a structure with the intention of committing a crime. The structure could be a property, a tent, or even a cave. If the prosecution can prove you intended to break the law, you could be found guilty of burglary. If somebody has falsely accused you of burglary, you must hire a Plano criminal defense lawyer. Fortunately, if you need help, you can start by calling Kent Starr, Attorney at Law at (214) 982-1408.

How to Find the Best Lawyers in Collin County

The penalties for burglary can be severe, so you need to find an experienced, passionate lawyer to defend your case. However, you’ll also need to keep a budget in mind when searching, and prices can vary wildly. Start by narrowing your search to just criminal defense lawyers with experience in burglary cases. Then, find the right Plano criminal defense lawyer for you by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t trust overconfidence
    While lawyers should display confidence in their abilities, they shouldn’t make guarantees or promises. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of a case accurately from the outset, and honesty is the best policy.
  • Compare fees
    The best lawyers in Collin County will cost more than attorneys who are fresh out of college. However, if somebody’s price is significantly different from other similarly qualified lawyers, you should find out why.
  • Search for references
    Finding out what experience previous clients had with an attorney can help you gauge whether they’re trustworthy. Remember that all lawyers are bound to have one or two complaints from disgruntled customers.
  • Trust your gut
    If an attorney tries pressuring you into big decisions without giving you time to think, you should look elsewhere. Find an attorney that explains your options clearly and offers honest legal advice.
Plano Texas Burglary Lawyer

Burglary Lawyer Plano Tx

Kent Starr, Attorney at Law is a seasoned Plano criminal defense lawyer, always working for the best outcome for clients. If you need help fighting your burglary case, call (214) 982-1408 to speak with an attorney who’s passionate about justice.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney in Plano Can Help You

When we think of a criminal defense attorney, we imagine somebody speaking to the jury and cross-examining witnesses. But lawyers do more than just using clever words to make your case in court.

The responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer vary depending on the case, but some common ways they help defendants include:

  • Negotiate a deal:
    Deals, also known as plea bargains, can reduce your sentence or get rid of some of the charges against you.
  • Figure out a sentencing program:
    If you are found guilty, your lawyer can try to arrange a sentence that reduces your jail time. For example, they may fight for a six-month prison sentence and four months in rehab rather than a ten-month jail term.
  • Help you stay positive:
    Court cases can be traumatic experiences, and as the defendant, you may feel fearful, depressed or embarrassed. The best criminal defense lawyers can help you manage your emotions.
  • Provide invaluable legal assistance
    It takes an experienced lawyer to understand the intricacies and nuances surrounding the law. Without professional legal representation, you’ll be fighting your case alone without knowing the ins and outs of our legal system.

The reality is, you won’t get the best outcome for your case without hiring a lawyer. Attorneys study for years to land a career as a criminal defense lawyer. More importantly, they have fought cases just like yours dozens of times.

If you need a lawyer who’s secured a good outcome for countless clients, contact Kent Starr, Attorney at Law. Kent Starr has taken on prosecutors hundreds of times in Plano and beyond, and he’s likely fought cases like yours before. Call us at (214) 982-1408 to book a consultation.

How Much Does a Plano Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost?

If you compare lawyers, you’ll probably find that no two quotes are equal. However, is the cheapest quote necessarily the best value? Or, should you deplete your savings on the most expensive attorney in town?

Provided you remember the advice in the previous sections, you should find a good lawyer that’s worth their price. Most lawyers consider these factors when calculating their fees:

  • The complexity of the case:
    The more resources needed to fight your case, the higher the costs are likely to be.
  • Criminal history:
    The job of a criminal defense lawyer becomes more difficult when clients have a criminal record.
  • Reputation:
    As you’d expect, attorneys who have labored for years to build a solid reputation price their services accordingly.

You should also ask lawyers whether they charge a flat or hourly rate and whether they need a retainer. If you have questions or need advice from a trusted Plano criminal defense lawyer, call Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408.

The Best Burglary Lawyer Plano Texas Has to Offer

Kent Starr, Attorney at Law is among the most admired and esteemed defense lawyers in Collin County. If you need help fighting your burglary charge, call Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408, and he’ll happily arrange an appointment. Fight your case with the best burglary lawyer Plano Texas has to offer to secure the best outcome for you.


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