Dave Dave

Mr. Starr lives up to his word and surpasses his reviews! I walked into his office that day possibly looking at a Class A Felony. He made me feel at ease at our first meeting and that ease continued through the process. Whenever I had a question he was quick to respond with an answer. He is everything you want in a lawyer a fighter, a communicator he is the guy you want in your corner. When he tells you to do something do not give him push back because it does not make sense to YOU. JUST DO IT! Trust me on this. I started to push back on something he told me to do. Then I thought to myself this is why I have hired him to guide me through this. I was so thankful afterwards that I listened to him.

When I was looking for a lawyer I was reading the reviews like you are now. I thought to myself is this guy this good? Are these real reviews? Yes these are real reviews and yes he is this good! The Class A Felony was dropped down to a misdemeanor and final outcome was DISMISSED!!

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