Aggravated Sexual Battery Attorney Plano

Aggravated Sexual Battery Attorney Plano


Are you looking for an aggravated sexual battery attorney Plano? Before you start your search, you should make sure you have a case. There are many questions surrounding sexual battery. Are you confused about what it is? Do you or a loved one believe that you have experienced this? Do you believe that someone might accuse you of this? You can find out more about sexual battery and the need for an attorney if you keep reading.


You have probably heard these two terms: aggravated sexual battery and sexual assault. Are they the same? In some areas, there is a very thin line between the definitions. In other areas, assault and battery are very different. In Texas, sexual battery and sexual assault are generally used interchangeably. On the law books, sexual assault is the term the courts use.

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Aggravated Sexual Battery Attorney Plano Texas

Aggravated sexual assault is usually a violent act. It can be as simple as someone holding a woman down to touch her breasts. Keep in mind, this is only an example. Men can also be victims of sexual assault and sexual battery. You could be a man or a woman and still see a charge with these crimes. You can get more information about your personal situation by talking to an attorney. You can reach Kent Starr, Attorney at Law at (214) 982-1408. Or, reach him online at


Consent, Aggravated Child Molestations, and Other Sex Crimes


Consent is a big part of sexual battery and assault. The lack of consent is what makes a sexual act, a crime. In other words, sexual conduct becomes a crime when a touch is sexual in nature. It is also a crime when there is no consent.

This means getting someone permission to touch their body. So, if you touched someone in a sexual way, but they didn’t give you permission, you did not have consent. It is also considered a criminal offense if you engage in a sex act with someone who cannot consent. For instance, someone who is sleeping or otherwise unable to communicate. Additionally, if you sexually touch someone who is a minor it is not consent. If you touch someone who is developmentally disabled it is without consent. If you touch someone mentally ill, this means you didn’t have consent.


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The crimes associated with sexual conduct with a minor are difficult to categorize. There are also a lot of laws that determine what a child sex crime is. Often, it depends on the age of the people involved. For example, if a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old have sex with consent, this is not a sex crime. Their parents might not like it, but it’s not illegal. However, if a 30-year-old has sex with a 15-year-old, even with consent, this is a sex crime. For more information about this, you can contact Kent Starr, Attorney at Law. Learn more online at Or, call the staff at (214) 982-1408.


Someone might accuse you of a sex crime if you are a person in authority. Or, you might be a mental health care provider who someone accuses of a sexual crime. A Collin County criminal defense attorney can help. You might be a teacher or a police officer who someone accuses of a sexual crime. Whether you did it, or not, the accusation is still there. So, you need help to understand these crimes and how to defend against the accusations.


A Plano Criminal Defense Attorney and Your Defense


There are many defenses. Many of which you can use if someone accuses you of these crimes. A criminal attorney can help you understand. They can answer the question “what is criminal sexual battery.” An attorney might ask a lot of questions. Some of these might be difficult to answer.


You might claim that the sexual activity was consensual. In fact, it very well might be. It is likely that your attorney will ask more questions about this. You might have to answer some uncomfortable questions. You might have to remember more about what happened. This includes conversations you had with the person accusing you.


Some might consider an insanity plea. This occurs when the person accused is mentally ill. This means they did not know right from wrong. These people cannot control their behavior. They did not have intent to harm, nor understand what they did. You can talk to Kent Starr, Attorney at Law, to see what defense is best for you. Reach him online at You can also all the team at (214) 982-1408.


Aggravated Sexual Battery Penalties


In Texas, the punishment for sexual battery includes a fine and prison time. The fine in Texas for this crime is up to $10,000. The minimum time in prison, if found guilty, is two years. The most, depending on the crime, is a life sentence. If the crime of sexual assault does not include penetration, it is less serious. So, touching someone usually has a lesser penalty. Criminal sexual contact that is more violent or forced is more serious. So is sexual contact that injures the victim. Also, if the crime involves a deadly weapon or involves more than one person, it is more serious.

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The actual penalty depends on the circumstances. Texas requires a minimum prison sentence for this crime. However, that doesn’t automatically mean someone is going to jail. There are things that a criminal attorney in Plano can do to lower the penalty or remove it altogether. This depends on the type of defense. The judge also has some influence on the sentence. These crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies. The penalty for a felony is more severe.


There are also cases where a person is mentally ill and commits these crimes. In this case, the person might not go to jail. Instead, treatment in a possibility. Generally, however, even people convicted of these crimes receive treatment in prison.


Texas also has a sex offender registry. People who are guilty of these crimes must register with the sex offender list. Not all of these crimes lead to the sex offender registry, however.


Finding an Aggravated Sexual Battery Attorney Plano


There are several attorneys in Plano who can help with possible charges. These include sexual battery or assault. Kent Starr, Attorney at Law is one of them. Contact his team at (214) 982-1408. You can also look online for an aggravated sexual battery attorney Plano at


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