Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX

Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX


Do you need to talk to an aggravated sexual assault lawyer Plano TX? You might want to talk to someone if you have an accusation against you. It’s important to understand that there is help out there. Even if you have a charge against you, lawyers can help.

Though all criminal charges are serious, a good lawyer stands by you and defends you in court. They also help you to understand the legal system. Don’t try to fight this type of charge alone. Get a good attorney.

Lawyer Plano TX Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano Texas

Why Is This Happening To You ?!

You might wonder why you got a charge or accusation of sexual assault. The state of Texas takes these crimes very seriously. There are very heavy sentences given to those convicted. An aggravated sexual assault crime happens in the following cases:


  • The alleged victim thought they would die or receive serious injury


  • Alleged victim was under 14-years-old


  • The alleged victim was elderly or disabled


  • The suspect gave the victim drugs


  • The suspect’s actions caused severe injury or death


  • The suspect used a deadly weapon


There are times where you might have an accusation of aggravated sexual assault. However, you didn’t do the crime. False charges often occur with these accusations. Many people accuse others of these crimes to ruin a reputation. Others do it to get money in return for dropping the charges. Don’t let this happen to you. You must contact a good aggravated assault lawyer. Kent Starr, Attorney at Law can help. Reach him at (214) 982-1408. You can also visit his website online at


What Type of Sexual Aggravated Assault Jail Time is There?


Jail time is only one of the sentences for crimes like Plano aggravated assault. In the state of Texas, sexual aggravated assault crimes are always first-degree felonies. So, we look at felony sentencing guidelines. In Texas, a first-degree felony has a sentence of 5 to 99 years in jail. There is also a fine of up to $10,000.  


There are several factors that go into the chosen sentence. The age of the victim might affect it. A child under 14 could have a major effect on the sentence. If the victim is a child under the age of 6, there is a minimum of 25 years of prison in Texas.

Who Is the Best Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX

The Best Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX

If a person is guilty of the crime, there are other issues following jail. For instance, they must register as a sex offender. These people also cannot get certain jobs. They might also have trouble enrolling in some colleges. They also cannot own a firearm, nor vote. As you can see, this is all very serious. So, you want someone on your side to help you through this difficult time. Kent Starr, Attorney at Law is available to guide you. Reach him at (214) 982-1408. You can also check out his website at Mr. Starr has the experience and knowledge to represent you in court for these serious charges.


What Type of Defense is Available for Sexual Assault Charges


The best thing that can happen in these cases come from the court. The judge might decide that there is not enough evidence and drop the case. An aggravated battery defense attorney has options, too. This, of course, is only if the charges are valid. One option is to take an insanity defense. In this case, the alleged suspect might have a mental illness. This illness could cause the action without the suspect understanding it. In this case, the likely outcome is mental health treatment. In some cases, jail time and mental health treatment is the final sentence. Even if jail time is the only sentence, many people who do these crimes receive mental health treatment in prison.


Another defense that a Plano assault lawyer might use is a false accusation. In court, it is one person’s word against the other. This is especially the case if there is no evidence. If someone accuses you of this serious crime, it might not be true. A lawyer might also attempt to prove consent. If two people both consent to sex with each other, there is no assault. This might sound simple. However, it’s far from simple. Again, it’s one person’s word against another. Proving consent is very controversial, too. However, a lawyer like Kent Starr, Attorney at Law knows how to do this. Call him at (214) 982-1408. You can read more online at

Mr. Starr Is Your Best Option

Of course, a lawyer also does their best to prove innocence in the case. This is the outcome that you want. If that isn’t possible, the attorney also examines the prosecution. If that side makes a mistake, it could greatly affect the outcome of the case. There are cases all of the time where a prosecutor does something wrong. In those cases, it is usually very good for the defense. Though it’s not common, it does happen. But, you need an attorney who knows what to look for in these situations.


Hire an Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer Plano TX


Don’t face these accusations or charges alone. You need someone who has experience on their side. These are very serious charges. They can ruin lives very easily. Whether you personally believe that you are guilty or innocent, you need help. This is not the time to serve as your own defense. Lawyers like Kent Starr, Attorney at Law can help you with these charges. You can learn more about his practice online at You can also call the office at (214) 982-1408.


Aggravated sexual assault is very serious. This is a charge that can change your life forever. It’s important to have the right attorney on your side. Don’t delay. Hire an aggravated sexual assault lawyer Plano TX, today.


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