Aggravated Robbery Attorney Plano TX

Aggravated Robbery Attorney Plano TX


Do you require an aggravated robbery attorney Plano TX? Robbery is a violation of Texas state law and, is an extremely serious crime. This also violates state law, but the consequences of being found guilty are likely to be even harsher. A charge of aggravated robbery requires skilled legal assistance.

A lawyer who understands Texas state law well may be your best hope of achieving a desirable verdict. It is also advisable to work with a lawyer who has previous experience in such matters. Learn more about aggravated robbery below, and find a lawyer who can help you with your case, today.

Plano Aggravated Robbery Attorney

Aggravated Robbery Attorney Plano Texas


Defend You and Your Rights With An Experience Professional


It may be that you are charged with aggravated robbery in Texas. Although your record may have been clean until now, you should know this is still a serious situation. Aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony crime. It is therefore subject to the same penalties as other first-degree felonies such as touching a minor. First degree felonies in Texas can carry penalties between 5 to 99 years in a state prison. They can also carry a fine of up to $10,000.


If you are being charged with a first-time offense for aggravated robbery, you probably won’t get the maximum sentence. However, you should understand that the worst-case scenario is still possible. Every fact involved in your case is important when they decide on the verdict. Because of this, you should must with a lawyer who is an expert. Not all lawyers take the same approach. Some of them are more interested in their situation than they will be in yours. Make sure that you acquire a professional and find one who cares about your case personally.


What to Do if You Are Charged with Aggravated Robbery Cases in Texas


The legal system in Texas can be particularly hard on people convicted of robbery, but a good defense can help. Consider Kent Starr, Attorney at Law. Kent Starr has worked with many clients from around the Plano area. He has represented people in a variety of cases. As a result, he provides extensive experienced in many matters. Mr. Starr is particularly knowledgeable in matters of aggravated robbery sentencing. If you have been charged with such a crime, he will be sure to represent you thoroughly and aggressively. Contact Kent Starr at (214) 982-1408 or visit


Can You Beat an Aggravated Robbery Charge?


When you call Kent Starr, Attorney at Law, we’ll discuss your options for how to beat an aggravated robbery charge. Depending on your case, there may be several diverse ways to approach it. You may not know which one gives you the best chance. That’s one area where a lawyer can help. Kent Starr will help you organize the facts of your situation. He will then work with you to determine the best legal strategy, and pursue it vigorously. There are four common defenses against this charge. Knowing which one applies to you is the first step towards creating an effective defense.


You may be able to defend against your aggravated robbery charge by citing a lack of intent. Lack of intent could apply if you did not mean to commit the robbery. Similarly, you can claim a lack of knowledge if you did not understand that you were committing robbery. Another possible defense would be that you did not cause bodily injury to the victim. Even if the victim had no worries about bodily injury or death, the charge might not stick. Any of these defenses is an option when you are charges with aggravated robbery in Texas.


Aggravated Robbery Lawyer In Plano Texas

Aggravated Robbery Lawyer near Plano Texas

As SOON As You Retain Mr. Starr

When you hire Kent Starr, he will help you determine whether any of the above defenses can help you. Kent Starr has a reputation for integrity, which means he will be honest with you. Instead of misrepresenting your chances, he will tell you exactly what he can and cannot accomplish. This will help you pursue the strategy that will give you the best chances. Contact Kent Starr, Attorney at law by calling (214) 982-1408 or visit Then ask about beating an aggravated robbery charge and receive a free consultation about your case.


Can You Get Probation ?


Some people who are facing their first charge may wonder: ‘can you get probation for aggravated robbery?’ The answer depends on the distinct circumstances of your case. You should talk to a lawyer about this option as soon as possible. Aggravated robbery falls under section 3g of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. As a “3g offense,” a judge cannot give probation as a sentence for aggravated robbery.

However, a jury is still able to sentence the defendant to probation in an aggravated robbery case. This makes it very important to do everything in your power to make sure a jury tries you. The sooner you contact a qualified defense attorney, the more likely it is that you will make this happen.

Kent Starr Is Here For You

Kent Starr will apply the full extent of the law to ensure you achieve a “not-guilty” verdict when possible. However, he will also do everything he can to mitigate your sentence if you are found guilty. That means he will attempt to have your trial handled by a jury if you involve him soon enough. If your trial is done by a jury, you may receive probation instead of jail time or a fine. The chances of this are even better if it is your first charge.


You have a constitutional right to a lawyer, so make sure that you choose one who cares about your case. You should also make sure they are knowledgeable about the criminal justice system. Call (214) 982-1408, or visit to make Kent Starr your aggravated robbery attorney Plano TX.


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