Texas Judge May Face Criminal Prosecution for Withholding Evidence

A Texas Judge is under investigation to determine whether he withheld evidence while working as a prosecutor more than 25 years ago. Williamson County Judge Ken Anderson successfully prosecuted Michael Morton for the beating death of his wife in their Austin home in 1987. Morton, now 58, was released from prison after DNA evidence showed […]

Texas Teacher Accused on Inappropriate Relationship with Student

Another Texas teacher has been accused of having inappropriate contact with a student. 31-year-old Jessica Guilbeaux was arrested due to the fact that a student claims that he had sex with her after his senior prom. Sexual crimes carry a particular stigma in our culture and can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences for people. As […]

Dallas Law Enforcement Using New Domestic Violence Assessment

Accusations of domestic abuse can seriously tarnish a person’s reputation and may expose them to serious legal liability. Often a simple disagreement can quickly escalate and become violent, and it is important to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Anyone facing domestic abuse allegations should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as […]

SMU Fraternity Banned from Campus

In recent years, there have been several high-profile incidents illustrating how fraternity rituals can result in serious criminal liability for their members. These incidents seem to stem most often from hazing activities gone wrong, but occasionally other fraternity pranks can lead to criminal conduct. According to a report at CBS DFW, several members of the […]

Former Fort Worth ISD Teacher Accused of Sex Crimes

A former Texas Rangers prospect and Fort Worth teacher and coach have been accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student. Char Hawkins, 34, was found making out with a 16-year-old student in a car in a parking lot on January 16th. Hawkins informed the police that he was giving the student a […]

Two of Casey Anthony’s Convictions Set Aside on Double Jeopardy Grounds

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Florida set aside two convictions Casey Anthony was facing for lying to detectives last week. Anthony was accused of lying to officials during the investigation regarding the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008. Anthony was acquitted of the killing of her daughter in 2011 but had […]

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